August Burns Red

Fancy something heavy, yet melodic? Then the next addition to our birthday party should be right up your alley: AUGUST BURNS RED are coming to join the celebration!
From a high school band to an established name in the modern metal scene, AUGUST BURNS RED surely can’t complain about their career so far. After all, they’ve been in business for 13 years already, so Jake Luhrs and his boys know exactly what the perfect symbiosis between metallic power and sickly sweet melodies has to sound like. Enriched with energetic stage acting, AUGUST BURNS RED are summoning all current and aspiring metalcore fans for an unmissable date. Get your throats warmed up to sing along and prepare your tired bones for some brutal mosh pit action!



Sleddin' Hill - A Holiday Album - Album (2012)amazon
Looks Fragile After All - EP (2005)
Thrill Seeker - Album (2005)EMP
Messengers - Album (2007)EMP
Lost Messengers: The Outtakes - EP (2009)amazon
Constellations - Album (2009)EMP
Leveler - Album (2011)EMP
Rescue & Restore - Album (2013)EMP
Found In Far Away Places - Album (2015)EMP
Foreign & Familiar - DVD (2013)

Live @ Summer Breeze