It’s going to get dark and evil in August, veeery dark: BELPHEGOR are coming to Dinkelsbühl with a special ritual show!
As if the grim compositions of the Austrian noisemakers weren’t hard enough, Helmuth and cohorts will also reach for the extreme visually. With a class A pyro show, the guys will open the gates of hell at SUMMER BREEZE. Insiders are even speculating that BELPHEGOR could have new material ready in August, but even with the old black death metal classics they will beat you to a pulp. Look forward to a massive display of music and stage show, like only Salzburg’s BELPHEGOR can offer!




Necrodaemon Terrorsathan - Album (2000)
Pestapokalypse VI - Album (2006)
Obscure And Deep - EP (1994)
The Last Supper - Album (1995)
Blutsabbath - Album (1997)
Infernal Live Orgasm - Live-Album (2002)
Lucifer Incestus - Album (2003)EMP
Goatreich – Fleshcult - Album (2005)EMP
Bondage Goat Zombie - Album (2008)EMP
Walpurgis Rites – Hexenwahn - Album (2009)EMP
Blood Magick Necromance - Album (2011)EMP
Conjuring The Dead - Album (2014)EMP