Corvus Corax (acoustic show)

We are very happy that we managed to convince the members of CORVUS CORAX to play an acoustic session in the Campsite Circus Tent besides their show wit Cantus Buranus, so all fans of this gang of rascals get to enjoy the full scope of their creation. And you will see: even as a petit comité, CORVUS CORAX songs work exceptionally well. Then it means going back to the roots a little for the band, because without all the pomp and rigmarole they will be standing in front of you, eye to eye, having to summon the full extent of their talents to get the tent to boiling point. And they will doubtlessly do so! Since the Campsite Circus Tent’s capacity is limited, we will be raffling 66 tickets for this special acoustic show. We will tell you more through all of our channels on July 20, so keep your eyes peeled!



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