Darkness, Blacksmith & Kerker

World premiere! Well, more or less… The following confirmed band will have their first public performance as part of the acoustic sessions in our Campsite Circus Tent: DARKNESS, BLACKSMITH & KERKER

DARKNESS, BLACKSMITH & KERKER? Never heard of them? That’s understandable, as so far the band has only played small gigs just for fun. However, these gigs were so amazing that we felt compelled to book DARKNESS, BLACKSMITH & KERKER for our anniversary straight away. Behind the name there’s End Of Green vocalist Michelle Darkness, Kirk Kerker (guitar, also of End Of Green) and Andy Blacksmith (guitar, Underpaid), who dedicate themselves to revamping old hits, ranging from Metallica, Sabbath, Nine Inch Nails, Deftones, Johnny Cash and The Beatles to Tom Petty, Bad Company, Joe Bonamassa (!) and Bob Seger. Whatever has stood the test of time is reinterpreted by DARKNESS, BLACKSMITH & KERKER in a way that you’ve never heard before. Michelle Darkness’ vocals sound more varied than ever before, setting all kinds of new accents that make the listener experience shivers down the spine. But also the multifaceted, heartfelt guitar work of the duo Blacksmith/Kerker makes the audience listen up in awe. The DARKNESS, BLACKSMITH & KERKER show is a total insider’s tip for all rock fans with a wide taste who want to enjoy high-class reinterpretations of big milestones of music history. The guys will deeply impress you, we promise!