Lockers at SUMMER BREEZE At this year's SUMMER BREEZE we are combining security and technology for you. For this, we have brought a SafeBOX from BigBoxBerlin to the festival site. Embedded in a 7-ton disused freight container made of robust COR-TEN steel, this modern locker system offers plenty of room for the safekeeping of your bags, jackets, rucksacks and electronic devices. And the SafeBOX is not just safe, it's electrifying! to top
Careful when handling fire! As you know and probably understand, open fires are prohibited on the whole festival. Gas and charcoal grills, on the other hand, are allowed as longs as they are used for what they were intended. All grills and stoves MUST be set up on their corresponding stands on firm ground. Coal trays must not be in contact with the ground. Please note: Oil lamps are not allowed on the festival site. The same applies to firewood and cressets. to top
H2O Pretty much at the last minute, some true melodic hardcore veterans will pay us a visit in Dinkelsbühl: Ladies and gentlemen, New York City's H2O will do the honours at SUMMER BREEZE. to top
Cancellation: TERROR Unfortunately we have to announce that TERROR have cancelled their gig at SUMMER BREEZE 2016, because, after singer Scott Vogel's neck surgery, his healing process is not progressing as expected. A big apology to all those who were looking forward to their show. to top
Garbage bags available at shower stations After it unfortunately didn't work in 2015 because of logistical problems, from now on we will also hand out garbage bags at the five shower stations, so you only have a few metres to walk when the garbage bags you got at the entrance are full. We hope this will have a positive effect on the garbage situation on the campsite, which in the last few years was somewhere between horrible and catastrophic... to top

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