TRIVIUM Welcome to a HUGE premiere at SUMMER BREEZE 2015: For the first time in their career, TRIVIUM will kick the SUMMER BREEZE crowd's arses! to top
CRADLE OF FILTH It's been seven long years since this band last played SUMMER BREEZE: CRADLE OF FILTH! to top
AGALLOCH Good news for all fans of atmospheric black/folk/doom: AGALLOCH will grace SUMMER BREEZE with their presence for the first time in 2015! to top
BREAKDOWN OF SANITY Attention all you SUMMER BREEZE pit fighters and core fanatics! With BREAKDOWN OF SANITY we present you an early highlight for your personal running order! to top
2014 aerial photo poster available now Those who wish to have a poster of an aerial picture of SUMMER BREEZE Open Air 2014 may now order it from our store at to top

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