SONATA ARCTICA The ninth hour starts at SUMMER BREEZE 2017: after several years of absence, SONATA ARCTICA finally return to our favourite festival! to top
HAVOK Thrash metal never gets old, does it?! A few years ago, a whole wave of young, hungry thrash bands saw the light of day, and the following confirmed band was there, leading the pack: Colorado's HAVOK to top
OBITUARY To praise the next confirmed band excessively would be like taking hipsters to the next barber shop: Gentlemen, Florida death metal icons OBITUARY are coming to SUMMER BREEZE! to top
DELAIN Dutch girl power is always welcome at our festival, which is why we have invited the Netherlands' DELAIN to Dinkelsbühl for 2017. to top
AUGUST BURNS RED Fancy something heavy, yet melodic? Then the next addition to our birthday party should be right up your alley: AUGUST BURNS RED are coming to join the celebration! to top

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