Questionnaire regarding Tuesday arrival As you already know, this year it is possible to arrive at SUMMER BREEZE on Tuesday already. Since we don't have any experience in this matter, we would like to conduct a quick survey in order to be able to estimate how many of you will arrive on Tuesday 11th of August 2015 and plan accordingly. Please everybody take part. Thank you. to top
Dinkelsbühl's Tuesday programme Besides the numerous sites we have already presented, there will be quite a few special features in Dinkelsbühl for all those arriving on Tuesday. In order to get the discounts listed below, you have to be wearing your festival wristband. to top
OPETH Our last band confirmation for SUMMER BREEZE 2015 sets a huge exclamation mark under an already killer billing: OPETH! to top
BLASMUSIK ILLENSCHWANG Once again, SUMMER BREEZE will be opened with a big fanfare, because, before you enter a four-day parallel metal universe, it is time for the popular BLASMUSIK ILLENSCHWANG. to top
Beware of counterfeit tickets! We want to expressly advise you only to purchase tickets for SUMMER BREEZE Open Air directly from us, from the official pre-sale outlets or through our Print@Home system, as the sale of counterfeit tickets in general has increased in the last few years! We strongly discourage from buying concert tickets on (dubious) internet platforms or from ticket touts outside the festival site. Fact is: Should you get your hands on counterfeit tickets, you will not only lose your money, but you won't get access to the event either! to top

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