Underground bands! Put music to our video clips! Yes, you read it right. This contest is for all ambitious, active musicians among you. We want to offer up-and-coming bands and musicians the chance to gain some attention outside of the SUMMER BREEZE festival stages, where the slots are obviously limited. For this, we are in search of suitable song material to use in future SUMMER BREEZE video clips. to top
STEVE ’N’ SEAGULLS After Tragedy rocked the Wam-Up Wednesday night last year with interpretations of various disco classics, this year it is up to the crazy Finns in STEVE 'N' SEAGULLS to get your party-hungry bodies moving after the Nuclear Blast Label Night and the Riot Of The Underground. to top
TO THE RATS AND WOLVES Those who can't decide between dance floor and mosh pit will be chuffed to bits with the confirmation of TO THE RATS AND WOLVES. to top
LIFELESS They hail from the Ruhr Area of Germany, yet they sound more Swedish than Swedish: LIFELESS. So their SUMMER BREEZE debut will be old-school and death metal as hell. to top
RELIQUIAE Medieval, folk, mythology – a mix that is tailor-made for Dinkelsbühl and always works perfectly at our festival. And exactly this musical and thematic background is where RELIQUIAE are at home. to top

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