IMPORTANT: Festival ABC updated Just before the festival we have updated our Festival ABC with all relevant information. to top
SUMMER BREEZE 2014 merchandise This year our merchandise again will be manufactured using G.O.T.S.-certified textiles, meaning they were produced under fair, sustainable conditions. to top
Only 1,000 hard tickets left There are only 1,000 hard tickets left for SUMMER BREEZE 2014 on Those who haven't purchased theirs yet should do so know if they don't want to be left empty-handed. You know, those who are late will miss the SUMMER BREEZE. to top
Beware of thieves! Unfortunately our festival – like most big events – is not immune to pickpockets and thieves. Most of the times it is organised gangs trying to pick your wallets in the crowd in front of the stages. Therefore please make sure your wallets as well as any other belongings are kept safe. to top
Reminder: Ticket deliveries to other countries The start of SUMMER BREEZE is drawing closer, so there isn't much time left to order tickets. to top

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