SUMMER BREEZE 2016 App We managed to get it ready just in time for the SUMMER BREEZE 2016 Advent Calendar: our new, free SUMMER BREEZE app, available in the AppStore and in the Play Store. to top
AT THE GATES AT THE GATES are veterans of Swedish melodic death metal, and the term “pioneers” can be applied without hesitation. They delivered the blueprint for the kind of riffs that constantly force you to headbang. Now the time has arrived: Gothenburg's finest are coming to SBOA 2016. to top
MY DYING BRIDE Playing doom since 1990, MY DYING BRIDE are the true definition of en evergreen. Already in 1995 guitarist Andrew Craighan said: “We have a certain group of subjects we usually write about: Sex, death and religion.” 20 years later, SUMMER BREEZE can proudly announce that songs with this subject matter will be presented on the Dinkelsbühl stage – dark, gripping and with a captivating charm, which MY DYING BRIDE have been exuding for over two decades. to top
FEUERSCHWANZ Medieval folk comedy rock with mead, woman and song, that is FEUERSCHWANZ's motto. Once more the band is calling to dance the 'Drachentanz' at SUMMER BREEZE. Let's hope there is no shortage of mead in the SUMMER BREEZE fairyland. The gleemen will fix it, don't worry. to top
THE WORD ALIVE A rollercoaster ride through massive breakdowns and soulful melodies – THE WORD ALIVE hit you with their singalong anthems, then grab you by the throat and throw you in the circle pits and walls of death. In order to survive the perfect spin cycle, the US boys reach out to you with their deep, honest lyrics. to top

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