Massive Christmas sale! There's a huge sale going on now on until Christmas! This is your chance to get your presents for cheap! Only while supplies last. to top
Limited Christmas shirt Jingle bells, jingle bells, something something... We are quickly approaching Christmas – something you can tell in any supermarket already – which means the beginning of the final preparations for our beloved Advent Calendar. to top
SUMMER BREEZE wants you! Be part of the SUMMER BREEZE crew! It's simple, we want YOU for our street team.
Do you regularly attend shows? Do you like having an evening beer at your local metal bar? Do you still buy CDs old-school-style in a record shop? Do you headbang at your local metal club at the weekends? Do you want to actively support SUMMER BREEZE and the entire metal scene?
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Calendar available for download: November In time for the beginning of the month we have put up a calendar wallpaper with a SUMMER BREEZE 2014 snapshot for download, so you can decorate your desktop and stay on top of things. to top
TRIVIUM Welcome to a HUGE premiere at SUMMER BREEZE 2015: For the first time in their career, TRIVIUM will kick the SUMMER BREEZE crowd's arses! to top

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