HAUDEGEN HAUDEGEN are a true phenomenon! They popped up out of nowhere at the beginning of the decade, their debut album had a huge impact, and since then they have been riding on a respectable wave of success. to top
HEIDEVOLK HEIDEVOLK – a name that says a lot about the style of these Dutchmen. HEIDEVOLK wallow in nature, mythology and paganism. A perfect match for SUMMER BREEZE 2015! to top
CHAPEL OF DISEASE Why in hell has no one in the press come up with the expression “New Wave Of German Old School Death Metal” yet? CHAPEL OF DISEASE would be one of the leaders alongside Deserted Fear and Sulphur Aeon. to top
PARADISE LOST Since their 2007 album 'In Requiem', at the latest, the metal community has embraced PARADISE LOST again! to top
MARDUK Today we have a little treat for all black metal dogs out there: Swedish black metal commando MARDUK will rake the fires of hell at SUMMER BREEZE! to top

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