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New programme for Wednesday: T Party

Beside the RIOT OF THE UNDEGROUND on the Camel Stage, this year there will be a very special programme on the T Stage on Wednesday: the T Party (read: tea party).
Last year at the festival we promised you a few surprises for 2017, which we will keep with the T Party programme (and a few other surprises): We will not publish the names of the participating bands in advance. Let us surprise you! But we promise that this evening will go down in the annals of SUMMER BREEZE history!
This is how much we can give away at this point:
As you know, in 2014 we changed the name of the stage in the Party Tent to T Stage to honour a man without whom SUMMER BREEZE Open Air wouldn’t exist in its current form. Much more than one of the two managing directors, but also a friend, colleague and all-around madman, Michael “T” Trengert decidedly shaped SUMMER BREEZE Open Air.
As one of the doers behind the scenes he did a lot for our music and believed in bands that were small back then but are huge now. After a long battle he sadly passed away in late September 2013. In order to pay tribute to a great man, on our 20th anniversary we will dedicate en evening to the memory of Michael Trengert, the T Party.
At this event bands will play who were not only good friends with Michael, but whom he believed in and helped build and shape their careers. Some of the bands appearing would probably not enjoy the status they have today. All of the bands are well known to SUMMER BREEZE patrons, but there will be loads of surprises, be it special setlists, exclusive reunions, special guest appearances or names none of you are expecting: the T Party will be a very special surprise package that you must not miss!
This evening will be our way to thank you and obviously Michael for years of loyalty and support.
Don’t miss it!