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Reserve your ice-cold SUMMER BREEZE beer for the campsite now!

If you don’t fancy carrying your beer from home or from the supermarkets in Dinkelsbühl, you can already reserve packs of SUMMER BREEZE beer for SUMMER BREEZE 2017.
Using the Print@Home function on our website you can order packs of SUMMER BREEZE beer, which will be ice-cold and ready for collection at the supermarket in the barn in section E of the campsite. Pick up is possible from Tuesday noon until Saturday midnight.
One pack of beer contains 24 cans and is only 30 Euro including deposit when paid for in advance. This means one Euro per can (24 cans at 1.- Euro each plus a 25-cent deposit)!
Only a one Euro system charge per pack and the transaction fee when using Print@Home are added on top, so it makes sense to order several packs at once.
This means: Reserve your ice-cold SUMMER BREEZE at a very fair price HERE, then print out the Print@Home confirmation(s) (no beer without those!), go to the campsite and collect your packs whenever you want, presenting your ID card, so you can always have COLD beer at hand.
When ordered five packs or more, you don’t need to collect all your packs at once. You can fetch them one by one.
We will be accepting your orders until Friday 11.08.2017.
It is prohibited to sell alcohol to children under 16 years of age, so when collecting your packs it is mandatory to present a valid ID card besides the PDF confirmation!