Review 2002

Every year not only the infant comes to earth but the Metal to Abtsgmünd. Therefor stagnation means recession we tried to make it better which meant: more bands, bigger area, more toilets, more offers...
For the first time we built up 2 stages to shorten the breaks between the bands.



We started on Thursday with VOLCANO at the Mainstage. The band was chosen to the billing from readers of the Metal Hammer magazine, a competition for newcomer bands, the band played Gothic Rock. The vocalist's performance let think of Glenn Danzig and he attempted to a great vocal and optic performance. A real good start into the festival.

The second band was DRY ROT who made an astonishing engaged show of 20 minutes. The Bavarian quartet had not to much luck: at first the guitarist fell down then the guitar adaptor fell out and a bass string pull off but the crowd stand behind them and celebrated them.

Mr. Vader

Back to the Mainstage where the local heroes of MR. VADER had entered the stage. Male vocalist Tobias Thorwart only stood in the midst of the stage because of his job in the band, he is singing and playing guitar so he concentrated on the quality of the performance. Due to the size of the stage the other band members seemed being a bit shy and did not move a lot but the band was convincing with their own modern Metal beyond trends but nevertheless interesting at any time.

Burden of Grief

The next band was heavier then the former bands: BURDE OF GRIEF. For the first time we had Death Metal on stage today and the crowd thanked them. Although the snare had broken down they could go on after a first change.


CRIMINAL started their half past hour set with an imposing Intro at 3:30p.m. Not much bands are known from South America but it seemed the crowd awaited them because of the moshpit which was the first at that day. The Chilean had a lot of fun and the gig ended to early unfortunately.

Deep in Myself

The instrumentation of the following band DEEP INSIDE MYSELF could be called exotic. No human drummer or keyboard player were on stage but they let the audience know that they are looking for human musicians. They made themself not unpleasantly conspicuous, the Palatian Newcomer made a surpising versed show and made curious about the new album. The band convinced with a sympathetic performance. Their music (Gothic Metal) - also the candles which were standing on stage- would have been more effective in the darkness


SUIDAKRAs visit in Abtsgmünd was not their first although not everybody recognized them at the first sight. Since their last appearance they had some changes within the band and with their music. They are not playing Death Metal anymore, they integrated more Folk elements to their Black Metal influenced music. The fans liked it obviously. The band from North-Rhine Westphalia played half an hour. Vocalist Arkadius was very happy after the gig and thanked the audience extensive.

Night in Gales

No break for the audience in between, the next band went to the stage again a band which repeated their visit on Summer Breeze' stage: NIGHT IN GALES. They had the Intro of the day - The A-Team melody. The band made the best out of their 25 minutes and played their asses off. NIGHT IN GALES from Westphalia are one of these German bands who are playing really a lot which was known to the audience. The crowd celebrated the band and were pleased to listen besides the new Thrash a like songs also older Death Metal tracks. Really great!


The first bigger band went on stage: ENTWINE. The Finn from record label Century Media do not only have the nationality of HIM in common but also the music which is to be found in the first division. Good sound an active frontman and an eye-catcher the female keyboard player Riita Heikkonen who danced ecstatic. They convinced the audience in every way, a real success.

Die Schinder

The following band, SCHINDER is one of these bands who are loved or hated, nothing in between. It is a fact that the band really knows how to handle the musical means of the so called "New German Heaviness". They have a real extraordinary vocalist, Daniel Kaczmarek. Both outward (behind the stage he embellished his clothes with mud before the gig) and with his motion he roar within enthusiasm over the stage and amused the audience with sympathetic and funny announcements between the songs. Something was very sad with this triumphant appearance: It was the pre last gig with this vocalist it is to be said that the singer will leave the band. Hopefully long heard calls for encore could change his mind.


Loud engine noise from the Main stage let everybody know what will follow: Old School Poser Rock. BONFIRE entered the stage, partly disguised as cows. The band should not be called newbies in the business an were able to play a great set out of their many albums. The fans celebrated them a lot. Vocalist Claus burdened about the Wacken festival: "Me personally says to hell with Wacken! I already played there and I can say you are ill done by them as a band! I like to play in the South, in Balingen and at the Summer Breeze" They only had have save the song 'Proud of my country' or should handle this song with more sensitiveness above all with the German flags in the audience also they said that the song does not have anything to do with Nazi thoughts.

Properly the Austrian band BELPHEGOR should be on stage but they still stood on the highway in a congestion of traffic. That causes a break on the Painstage and after short time it went on at the other stage.


For most of the people HYPOCRISY were the headliner of the evening who were not that concealed. The Swedes round real sympathetic frontman Peter Tägtren had the knack of the audience. They started with the rocket Roswell 47 of the Abducted-album. While the gig (50 min) they played both old Death Metal and current hits of the album Catch 22. The band enjoyed their appearance obviously to see hundreds of heads banging was really overwhelming. While the show it became darker and darker so that their light show could brought to bear more. They ended with the song Fractured Millenium. A gig which eahr the maximum valuation the only had some small problems with their sound.

Who visited the last year's Summer Breeze and also get up early recognized the stage: right time for RED AIM including their hearse. This year they got a deserving time within the billing. In their accustomed flame uniform and with enough bananas the boys round singer Dr. Rogers came to rock their asses off and sometimes had the laughs on their side ( songs like Kneel down and blow for forgiveness...). Desert rock with twinkling Metal and 2 great coverversions (Trooper from Maiden - which was sung by the first rows by heart completely, Rock you like a hurricane from 'Cap'-Klaus and his band as an encore)-more than fun!

Like Schinder some time before, Edguy had some bad news for their fans: the band will have a break of 2 years. The more enthusiastic the fans celebrated the ban round front Punch Tobi within the 60 min. The (alcoholic?!) audience joined in singing and yodel games too, they did every game with him. Highlights were songs like "Headless Game" and "Vain Glory Opera". Imposing stage properties, perfect sound and a perfect lightshow rounded up this great gig!


Some people were surprised about the high position the Hungarian EKTOMORF get within the billing. They really convinced last year so that they get this headlining position on the Pain Stage. In the beginning we wanted to have another band, but that did not work.
The four men really enjoyed it, played all their hits of their last album "I scream up to the sky". They played the gig of their live. Reproach the band the band being less original but they had have the fans behind themselves and the biggest moshpit of the day (or night) and could convince the last critics of their qualities.


The deserving end of the first festival day were TIAMAT. The band made a long development, they begun with playing Death Metal in their early days and "ended" in Gothic Rock within their long history. With their current album "Judas Christ" they were praised a lot by the press. The band had no stage properties. They started with 2 new songs where the mainpoint was set but they also played songs from "Wildhoney" (The Ar, Whatever that hurts...) and "A deeper kind of slumber". They do not react on the audience' calls for the song 'Sleeping Beauty' from the album "Clouds". The sense or nonsense of wearing sunglasses at 11p.m. (Edlund) and Kiss-guitarist costumes is surely a matter of opinion but not the sound. It was a good headliner, of course.


Real dead Love

The Swabish-Hallian REAL DEAD LOVE opened the 2nd festival day on real early time (11a.m.). If somebody remembers Die Allergie you could recognize the man with the cowboy hat he plays the guitar in the band, too. Most of you were musically remembered to bands like HIM or The 69 Eyes (for those who listen to that kind of music longer than others all that stuff sounds like Fields of The Nephilim) of course Gothic Metal. On the one hand it was early and on the other hand it was quite light and not much people found to the stage but the band played a good gig.

Redrum Inc.

More people came out of their sleeping bags to see REDRUM INC. on the smaller stage. Activeman and singer 'Mighty' Domen gave his best and underlined the development which was to be seen (listened) on the current album "Cure the Pain" too. They got support by the Undertow singer Joschi within their second song. The band get their valuable applause for their New Orleans Hardcore.

Mourning Caress

After that, the band MOURNING CARESS entered the Mainstage. They had some sound problems in the beginning but after a short time their melodic Death Metal came out of the boxes. Fans of bands like In Flames or Dark Tranquillity should have liked it.

Mirror of Deception

12o'clock, the sun stood high in the sky... that were all parallels to one of the most famous western films, the streets were not deserted bare and there was no ghostly silence. MIRROR OF DECEPTION one of the less bands who are playing Doom Metal took their 25 min to show an intense performance. Particularly the bar feeted vocalist Markus Baumhauer could convince.

Dark at Dawn

The next band was DARK AT DAWN. Like the band before who were on the mainstage Dark At Dawn had sound problems the bassguitar was louder than the guitar and the singer was really quite. Nevertheless they are a real young band the publishing of their first album is 2 years ago within this two years they made a name of themselves in the German Power Metal league. The fans gave them their earned respect and applause. Hopefully the next album is as successful as the albums before because of the changing in guitar players. They finished with the compulsory cover version of Chris de Burghs "Don't Pay the ferryman".


Like Monty Python said: Finland, Finland, Finland the country where I want to be..... and they arrived in German forests: CHARON, convincing from the first noise. The charismatic and funny vocalist knew how to handle his (female) fans. He thanked well behaved for the underwear which flew to the stage and he said Good night with a mischievous smile with leaving the stage on 1p.m. The Finns only played songs from their current album within the 25 min, romantic Gothic songs.


SUBSTYLE followed the Finn. The band was one of less bands within the line-up who are given completely to more modern Metal sounds. It would be exaggerate to say they are playing New Metal but they are definitely fans of recent Metal-history. They had a surprising success with their last album "On the rocks" but really astonishing that they did not play one of the songs of that album. They only played unpublished material. It was not easy for the audience to follow but nevertheless a great appearance.


According to the announcements the fans were not confused about the appearance of BELPHEGOR at that time. Due to the festival plan the German THORN.ELEVEN should rock the Pain Stage but therefor really rough music from Austria was to be listened (just think about titles like Vomit upon the cross). They were really happy about getting the chance to play the gig on the following day. Belphegor gave the audience what they wanted uncompromising rough Death/Black Metal with hateful vocals.

Smoke Blow

The following band SMOKE BLOW were a bit out of place. Both clothing (not the ordinary Metal Dresscode: colour does not matter mainly black) and their music, Aso-Punk-Rock was different to the others. The band enjoyed playing there but the audience was a bit silent.

No Return

One of the biggest surprises and winner of the festival too was the next band. Some French flags could be seen within the audience which caused that the sympathetic NO RETURN had some feeling of being home. They are one of the most famous Metal bands in France. One and another Death/Thrash songs with heavy blast parts rocketed into the crowd. The audience liked it obviously which was to be seen with the big moshpit and the very long calls for encore. The end of a perfect gig was of course the Death Coverversion "Secret Face" where the last one was convinced of their technical skills (especially those of the female bass player).

Left Hand Solution

It was not easy after that great gig for the following band, LEFT HAND SOLUTION. Maybe their Gothic Metal with female vocals was the problem maybe it was the missing stageacting that the audience did not move that much. The female vocalist Mariana Holmberg was singing very good, looked very good unfortunately did not animate the audience but some announcements would not have been too bad.

After Forever

The following Dutch AFTER FOREVER had the audience behind themselves from the first moment in contrast to Left Hand Solution. The band was on European Tour together with Nightwish and Charon at that time and maybe that was the reason of the big interest. The band enjoyed playing obviously. It will be a mystery how to do such a stageacting with such high heels. Female vocalist Floor Jansen liked it a lot and sang with a great voice. Really a surprise at the festival, besides No Return.

The more i see

The following band THE MORE I SEE from Great Britain was fully unknown to the audience. Singer and guitarist Gizz Butt is playing the live guitar with Prodigy what could be read in the program but the music which they played here had nothing in common with Prodigy. The four musicians made a modern mixture out of Metalcore and Alternative. The capital of the band is the versatility of their singer who both cried and sang. The band will surely be famous sometimes with their great melodies and riffs.

Mystic Circle

The flag of Black Metal was held up high with the next musicians of MYSTIC CIRCLE. They said goodbye to the bombast of their early days with their last album "Damien" and concentrated on the straight Black Metal tracks of that album. Like on the Marduk-Tour they played a great gig but they should not cover Slayer songs (Reign in blood).


Movement is probably the most important thing for the following band, SOILWORK. The musicians played every metre of the stage (which was not that small) and the vocalist was maybe the fastest (with his stylish Ferrari shirt) and rocked like a hurricane. The songs were great the sound was good expect the keyboard. They showed their high quality with their last album and could convinced with their appearance. It won't be easy for In Flames to have a chance against the energy of Soilwork on their common tour.


They are an essential part of the German Metal scene for years now DISBELIEF but they don't get to the top and I can't make a head of it also after that gig. Some people were a bit confused about the Beats Intro but the numerous fans present, knew what happened. The band started and play one hit and another (just to name one of them, the hymn God?Master!) Headbanging at it s best. The vocalist Jagger was again the optic and acoustic main point. The close observer could see the vocalist of Dimmu Borgir at the edge of the stage.

Emil Bulls

EMIL BULLS are the only German New Metal band who could to be take serious. Most of the visitors are not interested in New Metal. For those who are open-minded and without prejudices it was a great gig. After the sarcastic Manowar Intro, they rocked the stage. An energetic and enjoyable show which was finished with Megadeths Symphony of Destruction. Within the show they played a new song from the upcoming album which will probably published this year.


Sparing worthy time the next band did not play their Intro. It was not to be seen that female singer Kirsten of the BLOODFLOWERZ spend their time at the Red Cross tent because of circulatory trouble before the show. The band obviously worked on their songs and on their stageshow. In contrast to last years appearance Bloodflowerz were more engaged and more experienced. They were joyfully received by the audience and they celebrated the band i order. Unfortunately they finished after 6 great Gothic Metal songs.

The Gathering

Similar to the Painstage it went on at the Mainstage. THE GATHERING went on stage. You had to watch twice to realize that Anneke van Gierbergen stood on the stage. A platinum blonde woman with light blue glistening skirt. They were the first band who get the mainact playtime one hour. The band presented a balanced mix out of their current songs and classics which should not be missed within a Gathering set. In the beginning the vocalists voice was a bit quite but that changed some time ago. The band produced their own psychedelic and melancholy atmosphere on stage. It is a mystery why guitar player Rene was wearing a headpiece.


In contrast to the former band the polish Death Metal thunder VADER broke over the audience. They did not have the luck Belphegor had last year. Last year Vader stood on the highway and had no chance to play on another day but they were this year and they gave their best. The fans and the press like the current album Revelations so they played some of the new songs. The audience twisted off and cried the name of the band to the sky. The band played longer than the stagecrew said and the audience enjoyed it.


They were awaited with eager expectations, NIGHTWISH the band who had an overwhelming success with their current album. They climbed to the Top Ten charts in many countries and all the people expected much. Nobody was disappointed by the band, just to say that in advance. On the assumption you like Metal with classical, opera like voices... The stageacting of female vocalist Tarja Turunen had improved obviously it was not only the voice which convinced it was her appearance. The Finn started into their 75 min show after a bombastic Intro. In the beginning they tried to fight against some sound problems guitar and keyboard were very quiet. Their soundman recognized the problems and could change it within the 2nd song Bless the child and from now on the fans could enjoy a great show. They finished with the cover song Over the Hills and Far Away and come back with 2 encores (amongst others the final Wishmaster).


AXXIS would not have the easiest appearance Vader and Nightwish played before and Dimmu Borgir and Pain after them. Their traditional Poser Metal was enjoyed by the audience a lot the reason could be that they were sympathetic and enjoyed playing maybe it was the alcoholic strength. The band was celebrated in every case.

Dimmun Borgir

Like many other bands before DIMMU BORGIR had massive sound problems at the main stage after their 5min Intro. Most convincing were their older songs from the Enthrone Darkness Triumphant album. The light show was nearly the best of the festival very atmospheric. The only disadvantage was that theband was not to be seen because of their lightshow. Really a great show the fans were enthusiastic and in the end they had some great pyros.


Friday was finished by PAIN, Peter Tägtren of Hypocrisy presented his Pop Side Project in a very convincing way. It was a great finish with this easy melodies. The musicians were not caused by sound problems. The set list was set together out of all published albums a mixture out of more quit and more heavy songs the highlight was the Beatles Cover song Eleanor Rigby. Nonetheless it was quite late the audience was enthusiastic hey banged sung chorus'. The band enjoyed their gig and the appearance can be called a great finish.


Y Not

Quite early we started the Saturday with Y NOT on the Mainstage at 11a.m. They call their music Fanc Free Metal and it can be called a colourful appearance. It was Crossover. Maybe it was the time that not much people found the way to the festivalground.

Furbished Face

FURBISHED FACE started to play at the Pain Stage on the last festival day. Some people may have seen them at the Feuertanz Festival in Wasseralfingen. They played Heavy Rock with samples and some people (with cup of coffees) stood in front of the stage. They rocked five songs.

The Blue Season

THE BLUE SEASON played next. The place in front of the stage was not filled up with visitors but more and more people arrived. They were very professional on that stage although they had not entered such a big stage before, very experienced. They were higher than the average with female vocalist Natalie Pereira and the bongo player. The upcoming album will surely be great.

My darkest Hate

MY DARKEST HATE did misunderstand something. They went on the stage ande were pissed off. The band played energetic but a bit weak too. The band left the stage with an abusive about the organizer of the festival after their regular 20min. (they played an Exodus Cover within their short time). The band complained about the shortened time but they may forget that hey got the regular time. Unfortunately it was to be heard that My Darkest Hate don't want to play at the Summer Breeze anymore.

The Nerves

Hooting of sirenes sounded from the Mainstage the Intro of the following band NERVES. The four musicians appeared in caps cloaks and flying goggles which was not the best decision with that high temperatures. They rocked and sweat through their 25min show like The Ramones and the audience banged.


EWIGHEIM were a bit out of place. Only 3 people were on stage the male vocalist with a light-blue tight dress animated his drummer who was not alive a drum computer. Music somewhere between EBM/Electro and Gothic. The band has it s own kind of humour just think about song titles like: children's forest, an evil joke, dead body to the sea - which was played with violin. Parts of the band are also playing with Eisregen. The audience was really confused about this gig.

Ashes you leave

ASHES YOU LEAVE probably had the longest journey to the festival, they come from Croatia. Not too many people know them before but that will certainly change. The band did not devise Gothic Metal but they are living their music. The female vocalist is of course the mainpoint of the band. There were some fans from their home country too and had the flag with them. After that great gig they will have more fans from other countries. The new album will be published in october

Crystal Ball

The third Poser Rock Band at the weekend were CHRYSTAL BALL and it happened something like the day before at the Axxis gig less people would have known the band before but they convinced with a lot of fun and an engaged show. Most of the listeners will remember that gig in a positive way. The singer got background support from the whole string community within the part-singing songs. The crowd enjoyed the gig, but the certainly would not buy a cd of them.


The former bands were not as fast as the upcoming Swiss GURD. Saying goodbye to their old Crossover days they welcomed a new time with a new sound which is probably know as Old School Thrash. Sometimes the sound remembered to bands like Sacred Reich. The band tried to wake up everybody present and I think they succeed. They played two new songs and welcomed their new bassplayer.


RAUNCHY have had the same problems like Substyle before and Prime sth afterwards their current songs were fully unknown to the audience. Meanwhile the published debut album will have convinced some people about the bands qualities. The friendly Danes obviously enjoyed the professional atmosphere and played an energetic gig. Their record label Nuclear Blast compare Raunchy's music with Fear Factory but they do not have too much similarities. They played interesting, technical and energetic modern Metal and the audience liked it.

Flowing Tears

FLOWING TEARS were another band who came with a female vocalist and Gothic Metal fighting against the sun and bringing dark music to the audience. I already saw the guitarist before I think he rocked with Red Aim too. The important thing of their music are their guitars not the keyboards like in the most bands in this scene. The reason for getting up for the most people certainly was the front woman Stephanie Duchenes.


Guest critics by Power
The Swabian UNDERTOW made a very energetic show and rocked the stage like we are used to see them. The audience liked their mixture out of Metal and Hardcore melody and heavy guitars the mainpoint of their gig laid on the new album "Unit E". Vocalist Josch was joking like every time and the audience laughed about his jokes at least as he said there are standing a lot of people in front of him. Nobody was bored within the appearance. Undertow liked the crowd and the crowd liked them.(Dani)

Amon Amarth

AMON AMARTH have ever been called winners or surprises within the festival reviews which is certainly right. The crowd stood behind the band from the first step they made on stage and frontman Johan Hegg knew what had to be done letting the fans bang their head. The fans ended banging their heads with the last noise. The band said goodbye to the fans with their Viking Death Metal Hymn Victorious March after 40min unfortunately.


Maybe AGATHODAIMON had a bad day. After having problems with their line-up and got problems with the technique. The keyboards were recorded on tape and the tape broke down after half of the set. The band tried to play the song without the intro but they had to break it.

Within Temptation

Due to their show they were the highlight of the festival. WITHIN TEMPTATION are one of the most successful bands in the Netherlands. Nevertheless being not that famous in Germany like in Holland they played their whole show. The whole background was covered with a big backdrop with a light-blue heaven design in front of that stood different huge distended cactus or creepers, green would describe it best. From now on the focus was on the female vocalist who was dressed in a blood-red snow white ball-dress. The band won a lot of new fans with their Gothic Metal. Within their show they had huge fire columns and a plastics rain at the end of the gig. Imposing is the right word!

Die Apokalyptischen Reiter

The following band developed to a real important band in the German scene and after the Dutch band finished there were calls for: Reiter! Reiter! Reiter! Die Apokalyptischen Reiter got more and more fans especially with publishing their last album "All you need is love". They are said to be a great live band and nobody was disappointed. They were surely the only band who asked the audience whether they want to have some flowers and then threw sunflowers to the crowd. Vocalist Eumel was clothed in his pink pyjama trousers and rocked over the stage and called the audience to rock with him. The real highlight was the keayboard player who stood on the right side. He had this uninterested expression for the whole gig. And had this smart old style white starched shirt, black trouser and black vest. They presented older and new material and the band was celebrated frenetic by the audience. Respect!


They did not visit the Summer Breeze for the first time, BRAINSTORM. The crowd looked forward to see them. The band decided to record a live DVD in advance. The band wanted to have the direct contact to the audience and frontman Andy B. Franck went down to the fist rows and get to know the people. That was their harvest after long years of work after their support tour for Blind Guardian. A Slayer riff was to be found in the song Liars Edge. The gig was finished with the songs Hollow Hideaway (the audience gave the time to the drummer) and Under Lights from the Metus Morbis album. That will be a fine DVD.

End of Green

The Swabian END OF Green entered the stage with different feelings. It was the first that they had so many people standing in front of them. They played at a late hour and they made a great show. Most of the songs were from the new album "Songs for a dying world" but also some older and new songs. They underlined their high position on the billing with this show.


The first impression of SENTENCED at that day were their autograph session in the Metal Hammer bus but more people went to see their show. The Finn took the whole time to play their asses off. Sometimes they played three songs without a break in between highlights like Sun Won't Shine, Bleed, Noose, Nephente were given with a bottle of vodka in the vocalists hand (really cliché like) to the audience. The last songs were The Suicider and Excuse me while i kill myself and he announced them as Happy Songs (sarcastic?!).


It's always the unforeseen that occurs, maybe that fits best to the following band. STORMWITCH alive since 1979 but the witch was silent for years now. This year the band published a new album and the fans did not forget them, it seemed there are more fans than before. The crowd welcomed them really happy and Stormwitch gave their best with an energetic show a loving stage property and a great pyro show.


The audience had missed the next band like the former Stormwitch. Nevertheless they did not appeared on stage for a long time the crowd longed for SAMAEL and welcomed them very enthusiastic. The four musicians had thought up something really special and diversified. While rocking the stage they had disturbed transparence projecting, some fire acrobatics and a perfect lightshow. There were discussions whether the band could convince due to their line-up changes (new guitar player) and some problems within the band. There were, at the end, no reasons for discussion the band was great and they should record a new album.

Prime STH

The biggest problem of the appearance of the next band was their album not being published at that time. The new cd of PRIME STH should be published in july but the record label changed the date due to promotional reasons into september so that less people knew the songs of the Swedes. The songs are very good and a success would be no wonder at the one hand and earned at the other hand. If you like Bush or blessed Stabbin Westward (modern Rock in the american way) you would have liked it. Less people realized the Nirvana Cover version.

Paradise Lost

Endlessly the long awaited PARADISE LOST entered the stage. The quintet had no stage properties and no extraordinary clothing. It was clear that there would be no consensus of opinion about the band after their change from the early Death Metal days. They are a modern Metal band who are playing Gothic Metal. It is to be heard that the band does not like playing live nut I cannot understand that in any way they enjoyed standing on stage especially the guitar player banged his head nonstop. Vocalist Nick was very funny, the typical british humour. The band played their hits from all their albums (Mouth, So much is lost, True Belief or One Second) only the beloved albums Gothic but later they played the hit As I Die. All in all a triumphant appearance the only problem was the cruel sound.

Pro Pain

The last post had to be done. PRO PAIN went on the stage a band of first division' Hardcore-Metal. They were in best fettle at this evening. They got a playtime of 45min but the played 30min longer, the crowd won't let them go, there were calls for more at everytime, the crowd sung for the band, banged and poged. I have never seen the band so funny and relaxed it was a real exceptional gig which was opened with a party part-singing Intro. The quartet sung the Type O Negative song Summer Breeze in between, thanked the organizer and their record label and their fans of course. Within the gig more and more musicians of other bands stood at the sides of the stage to watch and celebrate this great gig. After three songs the snare of the drummer broke down, he threw it away and used the substitute snare. An absolute highlight at the end of the festival and Pro Pain will come back next year with the No Mercy Easter festival tour with Testament.

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