Review 2005

What a party! Despite circumstances beyond the promoter's control such as the bad weather this year's Summer Breeze open air was a total success. Never before it has been sold out so quickly and 40.000 people (three days total) didn't leave much space. Being sunny and warm the Thursday was a perfect day for an open air. Even Friday started quite well but a rainy afternoon followed by an even rainier Saturday couldn't keep the fans from partying and both, bands and fans were having a good time. Thank you to you all for that! See you next year!

Thursday, August 18th


MIDNATTSOL (NOR/GER) 13.00 - 13.30 MS
No midnight sun, a bright day it was when this norwegian/german team entered the stage to start off. Though it was quite early that day neither band nor fans seemed to be in a bad mood. The female lead vocalist, dressed up all in white, was happy and grateful to be part of her "favourite open air festival". The drummer turned out to be the moving power behind the band banging through the entire set. The band found an exciting way to build up power by putting in quiet passages just to let it go again with driving mid tempo parts. One of the guitarists proved to have a good taste by using a Dimebag Darrell guitar. A well done entrée to the festival with an appealing band finishing their set with a song based on an Edward Grieg track.

Setlist: Intro 1. Dancing with the Midnightsun 2. Enlightenment 3. Unpayable Silence 4. Lament 5. Desolation 6. Haunted 7. Tapt Av Hap

Final Breath

FINAL BREATH 13.35 - 14.05 PS
An obviously bigger and more enthusiastic crowd gathered in front of the pain stage to welcome FINAL BREATH. After 5 records and being around for years they are now about to bring in the harvest due to the often proclaimed renaissance of thrash metal. So both, bands and fans started to freak out. The singer's stage appearance was remarkable and turned the crowd even wilder. Also the stringers went crazy on stage so the audience couldn't escape. Respect!

Setlist: Intro 1. Strong Pain 2. Eyes Of Horror 3. Greed For Revenge 4. Let Me Be Your Tank 5. To Live And To Die 6. Bemoaned Animosity

Born from Pain

BORN FROM PAIN (NL) 14.10 -14.50 MS
Second band on the main stage was BORN FROM PAIN from Holland. And an even bigger crowd gathered in front of the stage among which plenty of hard core fans seemed to be. The dutch just recently released their debut album on Metal Blade records and didn't waste any time and started to give the fans what they wanted: metallic hard core at its best. The crowd was greatful and mosh and circle pits were built immediately. The band went nearly nuts on stage and kept throwing their hellish grooves, razor blade breakdowns, high speed up tempo beats and rough shouts into the audience. Surprisingly some parts of the audience already knew the lyrics of the newer tracks such as "New Hate". Sometimes called the "European HATEBREED" they didn't convince just with their new tracks but also with the classic stuff like "Reclaiming The Crown" or "Death And The City". Everybody having a good time proved that hard core does belong to the summer breeze open air.

Setlist: 1. Death & The City 2. Rise Or Die 3. Final Nail 4. Judgement 5. Day Of The Scorpio 6. Never Return 7. Kill It Tonight 8. Reclaiming The Crown 9. Black Gold 10. New Hate 11. Civilization

Anorexia Nervosa

ANOREXIA NERVOSA (F) 14.55 - 15.25 PS
According to their name these french boys were quite thin and also dressed up in uniforms. Black clothes are not worth mentioning anymore, white make up and heavy boots and armbands still are. Extreme metal with an extra punch of double bass and blast beat attacks. The fans were obviously waiting for that as they gave the French a really warm welcome!

The Bones

THE BONES (SWE) 15.30 - 16.10 MS
It was about time for a real rock'n'roll party. And THE BONES from Sweden are the perfect band to do so. Dirty rock'n'roll with attitude. Greasy, bump kicking and sweaty topped with high class melodies to sing along. And even the visual thing was set up perfectly: sleaze rocker with Cowboy hat, the rock'n'roll street boy and evil Elvis with red socks. Though the sun was nearly red hot at that time the band unfolded their entire potential. The fans were soaking up this power and had massive fun. Most of the songs played were from their latest album "Straight Flush Ghetto" but also a few old tracks got played and rounded off a perfect set of arse kicking rock.

Setlist: 1. Screwed, blued and tattooed 2. Chrome, Smoke and Thunderroads 3. Home sweet Hell 4. Do You Wanna 5. Not another Lovesong 6. Slick 7. Gazoline Business 8. Chevy Devils 9. Dog allmighty 10. Hate 11. Until I Die 12. Memphis '77


IMPIOUS (SWE) 16.15 - 16.50 PS
These five guys from Sweden came saw and conquered just because of their introduction: a surf track of the Pulp Fiction soundtrack which stood in heavy contrast with the rest of the show. Brutal death thrash with angry throats and evil growls. The stage acting was powerful and especially the bass player was running around on stage like crazy. But also the rest of the band was in the very front of the stage facing the crowd's front row. Being around for eleven year's now they certainly made a lot of new fans on this festival as well as on their recent tour with AMON AMARTH and CATARACT.

Setlist: Intro 1. Death_Wish_Star 2. Toxic Paranoia 3. Wicked Saints 4. Inject 5. Burn The Cross 6. Show Me Your God! 7. Live Wire 8. The Deathsquad 9. Infernique

Pink Cream 69

PINK CREAM 69 16.55 - 17.40 MS
Well, what to say in this case? It became kind of a tradition to have one or two traditional Hard Rock/Heavy Rock bands on the billing. After AXXIS and KROKUS in the past this year PINK CREAM 69 had to do this job next to SYMPHORCE. Probably the band was asking themselves why they had to play on a festival like this. But again it was interesting to see how open minded the SUMMER BREEZE audience can be. And so it was quite natural to give the PC boys a big hand during the entire set. Singer David Rreadman's introductions were funny enough to make it even easier for the crowd and the 45 minutes playing time showed an interesting overview of the band's musical creations. The POLICE classic "So Lonely" with a little BOB MARLEY trip in the middle left the crowd exited and in a summer mood suiting the wheather perfectly well

Setlist: 1. Thunderdome 2. Do You Like It 3. Hells Gone Crazy 4. Lost in Illusions 5. Talk to the Moon 6. Seas Of Madness 7. Shame 8. Keep your Eye on the Twisted 9. So Lonely


MACABRE (USA) 17.45 - 18.25 PS
MACABRE are different and they show. The singer's outfit was not trendy at all and his hair cut was beyond any dress codes. Using a headset instead of a microphone made the people pay even more attention. Musically they were concentrating on old school death metal with simple riffing mostly played in mid tempo though they were hitting the gas every now and then. Each song got introduced and it was mainly about serial killers and the deeds they did. As they were singing also about two german killers parts of the lyrics were sung in german. People with a dark sense of humour could laugh about that and there seemed to be quite some. A guy behind me screamed "You Fuck Great". Well, what else to say…?


SCHANDMAUL 18.30 - 19.20 MS
Even though they weren't playing on a headliner position the audience treated them as such right from the start. During the second song the crowd was singing along louder than the band and in song #3 most of the people in front of the stage went down on their knees just to jump up again after being told to do so by the band. Impressive! The main part of the show was the singer but the two ladies playing pipes, bagpipes and violins weren't second best at all. Even the visual set up made them different. Not using a normal backdrop the band used a huge blue silky curtain instead. And not just the drums were placed on a riser. Also bassist and guitarist had an own riser and the backline speakers were placed invisibly on the side of the stage. Each musician was nearly perfect but the bassist left the biggest impression to be professional. SCHANDMAUL were the winner of the day and the show was an event not to be forgotten. Probably that was the reason for the two BORN FROM PAIN guitarists to watch the entire show from aside the stage.

Setlist: 1. Dudelzack 2. Teufelsweib 3. Vogelfrei 4. Dein Anblick 5. Hexen/Henker/Gebt 6. Herren der Winde 7. Tyrann 8. Letzter Tanz 9. Walpurgisnacht 10. Tuch

God Dethroned

GOD DETHRONED (NL) 19.25 - 20.05 PS
Dutch as dutch can. Holland's brain splitter delivered what hey were supposed to, death and black metal mixed together just to hit the people's face. Boldy Henry was announcing hate without no mercy. His band's music was running like a tank over Abtsgmuend. Brutal walls of guitar sounds and hyper fast blastbeats, it was all there. Musically on a high level they kicked everybody's balls. Well done Sir Henry, well done!

Setlist: 1. Nihilism 2. Boiling Blood 3. Warcult 4. Villa Vampiria 5. Sigma Snigna 6. Art Of Immolation 7. Salt In Your Wounds 8. Soul sweeper 9. Serpent King


THERION (SWE) 20.10 - 21.10 MS
THERION treated the audience smoother, way smoother. After having been mutated from a death metal into an opera metal band they hit the stage with a little choir of two ladies and a gentleman added by another frontlady and a normal metal shouter. As this wasn't powerful enough bandleader Christofer Johnsson took the mic to sing older songs mostly himself. The ladies' opera dresses and the extensive make up added to the rest of the band were a real eye catcher. The mixture of old and new songs found a warm reception among the fans. Only bad thing was the fact that all violins were playback. But the metal part of the band balanced this with an outrageous and a perfect musically performance. With this show they proved to be above the current hype of opera metal. No fake, real art!

Setlist: 1. Blood Of Kingu 2. Uthark Runa 3. Invocation Of Namah 4. Typhon 5. Riders Of Theli 6. Seven Secrets 7. Asgard 8. Rise Of Sodom And Gomorrah 9. The Khlysti Evangelist 10. Wine Of Aluqah 11. Cults Of The Shadow 12. To Mega Therion


EKTOMORF (HUN) 21.15 - 22.00 PS
The boys from Hungary developed themselves to be one of the big players of the genre. A few years ago they were playing on the same stage at the same festival and they had been climbing up the ladder of success since! During the change over the crowd kept screaming for EKTOMORF all the time. Hitting the stage finally they turned the people into a jumping, screaming and twitching sea of bodies. All the way back to the front of house mixer. And that didn't change a single bit during the entire show. Being said to be a brilliant live band they proved that was correct. Song by song got fired into the audience being interrupted only by "we love you" and "thank you" statements. Surprisingly they haven't worn any camouflage clothes.

Setlist: Intro 1. Set Me Free 2. Show Your Fist 3. Instinct 4. Fuck You All 5. Burn 6. You Get What You Give 7. Gypsy 8. I Know Them 9. You Leech 10. Serial Man 11. United Nation 12. I Will

Amon Amarth

AMON AMARTH (SWE) 22.05 - 23.10 MS
Beware. The vikings are taking over. But instead of escaping people moved closer to the stage. Definetely a good decision. Who hasn't done so did miss one of the most massive performances that day. Being live as convincing as on record the Swedish axe machine rammed down everything in its way. The undefeated world champions in synchronic moshing mainly played tracks of the last two albums and often enough the people sang along louder than the band. Still getting a goose skin thinking about this. What a headliner. What a crowd.

Setlist: Intro 1. An Ancient Sign 2. Pursuit Of Vikings 3. Releasing Surtur's Fire 4. Masters Of War 5. Fate Of Norns 6. 1000 Years Of Opression 7. VS The World 8. For The Stabwounds 9. Victorious March 10. Death In Fire


HAGGARD 23.15 - 0.00 PS
A great day to be ended by a great band. Final tunes that day were supplied by HAGGARD. Loyal fans might remember to have seen them play at the Summer Breeze once already. In the early days when there was only one stage to be played. And just like in good old times they received a warm welcome. Calling them just another medieval band definitely wouldn't do justice to them at all. It's not easy to categorize this band. Just to prove they again played medieval tunes and changed into Scandinavian traditionals the next minute. Only to move on to death metalish stuff. All combined in one song. This orchestral band playing violins, keyboards, percussions and the classic rock instruments, apart from the three back up vocalists tuning themselves up into opera heights did have a space problem on stage. So what? The audience liked it a lot and got disappointed by the gentleman who switched off electricity due to the strict curfew. Well, there used to be clocks on stage and everybody knew about the curfew so no one to blame but the band. What a shame. But they might be back soon.

Setlist: 1. All'inizio è La Morte 2. Per Aspera Ad Astra 3. Herr Mannelig 4. Eppur Si Muove 5. In A Pale Moon's Shadow 6. Awakening The Centuries 7. The Final Victory 8. The Day As Heaven Wept / Origin Of A Crystal Soul

Friday, August 19th


POWERWOLF (ROM) 11.00 - 11.30 MS
Howling wolfes early in the morning. Doc Attila Dorn with his blood red cape was in the bad position to open up this Friday. But he did well obviously as the few fans were cooperating right from the first tune. "Mister Sinister" was the official wake up call and the Doc was charming and entertaining and made the time between the songs a part of the tracks. It might have been a bit too early for his effort to make the fans howl like wolfes. But at least he tried. A tight set they delivered and the missing bassist was of no further notice for the fans. Musically they showed what kind of music they seem to like. A bit of MANOWAR, to name just one obvious influence, a slice of power metal and a handful of hard rock, that's what these boys are all about. Just great. Bit of a shame they had to perform that early. But somebody has to, right?

Setlist: Intro 1. Mr. Sinster 2. We came to take your Souls 3. Kiss Of The Cobra King 4. Demons & Diamonds 5. Montecore 6. Lucifer in Starlight


MAROON 11.35 - 12.05 Uhr PS
Though they played as the second band that day it seemed to be too early fort he MAROON boys. Believing to be in Austria they started the show. Austria is not too far away so who cares? There were quite some people dressed up with MAROON shirts in front of the stage already. Reason enough for them to fire up their death metal/hardcore mix. By now everybody on the festival site should have been woken up. Freakin out on stage they played tight as a dog's arse. Those who were clever enough to get up early that day experienced a festival highlight before lunch already. The early wurm… !

Setlist: 1. Endorsed By Hate 2. Watch it all come down 3. Shadow 4. Worlds Havoc 5. Goetterdaemmerung 6. At The Gates of Demise 7. Stillborn


KORPIKLAANI (FIN) 12.10 - 12.40 MS
A colourfull bunch of people this band is. A set of antlers on the micro and a bassist playing barefoot. And as multiple is the sound they are playing. Of course the humpa elements, well known from oh so many finish bands. Next song makes you want to do square dance. Scandinavian folk to follow up and Indian singing in the next tune. Well, who dares wins. And the audience seemed to like it. All the previously mentioned made it an atmosphere as if this was the last band to play that day. Awesome!

Setlist: 1. Journey Man 2. Hunting Song 3. Spirit Of The Forest 4. Pine Woods 5. Wooden Pints 6. Cottages And Saunas 7. Pellonpekko 8. Beer Beer


ABORTED (B) 12.45 - 13.15 PS
Not playing Germany too often Belgium's ABORTED hit the stage. An ear candy for friends of the extreme. Grindcore and death metal being a cuple. Hyperfast blast beats only to be interrupted by cool grooves. All topped by extreme growls and mean screams from the grave. Being the first band this year to suffer from a bad sound ABORTED did not care and moved on just like this.

Setlist: 1. Dead Wreckoning 2. Meticulous Invagination 3. Gestated Rabidity 4. Sanguine Verses (...of Extirpation) 5. The Inertia 6. The Saw & The Carnage Done 7. A Cold Logistic Slaughter 8. The Gangrenous Epitaph


KORODED 13.20 - 13.50 MS
Go to the show, have a good time and party all night. But make sure to get up early the day after because you could miss something really big. And who ever couldn't make it to the festival site by that time: bad luck, mate! KORODED played the SUMMER BREEZE the second time and they bloody rocked. These Germans hit the crowd right from the beginning and excitement among the fans grew from track to track infected by their modern sounding metal. Photographers in front of the stage did have their problems to get a pic of frontman Jan as he was running wild. Despite songs from their current album "The Absurd Beauty Of Being Alone" also three brand new killer were played. Mentioning these, these hammers were even harder than what the band did previously. A perfect appetizer which made everyone looking forward to the new record coming out in spring.

Setlist: 1. Blowback 2. Unbreakable 3. Epigone 4. Modern Age 5. T.A.B.O.B.A. 6. Scaretrade 7. Crisis

Nocte Obducta

NOCTE OBDUCTA 13.55 - 14.30 PS
Being black metal on one hand they are not on the other. Using parts which are non black metal makes them sound different to the rest of the black metal community. A bit of doom metal here and german lyrics there. So the introduction was rather a statement: "I am fed up with your shows and rituals!" No make up and Stratocasters to be played. They wanted to be different and they were different. The audience appreciated it!

Setlist: Intro 1. Anis 2. Galgendämmerung 3. Glückliche Kinder 4. Taverne 5. Es fließe Blut 6. Operation: Traumreise 7. Solange Euer Fleisch noch warm ist


KRISIUN (BRA) 14.35 - 15.10 MS
Brazil's three - man metal tank kicked hard. Been there, done that? No way, man. These guy's main target was to destroy bloody everything. Brutality as such we have seen often enough. But his was top of the heap. Fans of american death metal probably liked it a lot. I'd say it's hardly possible to play faster. These growls and the brain twisting guitars set free a power which scared everybody watching this. Guess that was the reason for a bigger bunch of fans to gather for the first time today.


SKINDRED (UK) 15.15 - 15.50 PS
Those who were looking for a wider variety of metal, for something a little bit different got fully satisfied by SKINDRED. The Brits around ex - DUBWAR frontman Benji delivered a highly explosive brew of nu metal, industrial, crossover and reggae. Phat grooves were added by electronic tricks and samples. Sometimes harder, sometimes more melodic, sometimes heavier. You name it, it was there. Black skinned Benji created a positive atmosphere not just because of his jokes such as "I am the only real black metal". He kept pushing the audience. He nearly forced them to react and they greatefully did. The set was tight. No wonder after 18 months on US roads with KORN and SEVENDUST. A bit wacky but interesting to see.

Setlist: 1. Babylon 2. Start first 3. Firing the Love 4. Set it off 5. Pressure 6. World Domination 7. Nobody 8. Bruises

Emil Bulls

EMIL BULLS 15.55 - 16.40 MS
The BULLS decided to continue without DJ Zamzoe just recently as he will endorse their sound in the studio only from now on. As he wasn't replaced his sound got played back. But that didn't make a bad impression. After the cool introduction (MANOWAR's "High and mighty alone we are kings...") they opened up with current album's opener "Revenge". Not being a typical Summer Breeze band they used three guitars and proved to have metal roots. It was right in the middle of their set when heaven started to cry. By that time you could still call it refreshing. Closing down with MEGADETH' "Symphonies Of Destruction" (the metal roots, remember?) and their own track "Leaving You With This" they disappeared and left a happy audience which started to get wet.

Setlist: Intro 1. Revenge 2. Mirror Me 3. Cocoon 4. Porcelain 5. Ignorance Is Bliss 6. Mongoose 7. Magnificent Lies 8. Symphony of Destruction 9. Leaving You With This


NORTHER (FIN) 16.45 - 17.25 PS
You might have recognized the blonde youngster playing guitar and singing. He played the "BREEZE" last year already. ENSIFERUM the band is called you saw him play in. Meanwhile they clearly dissociated from their CHILDREN OF BODOM parallels and showed a superb performance. Starting off with "Blackhearted" they also tuned in speed bombs the SLAYER - way. Quite contraire to the endless guitar solos and epic keyboards leads which created an interesting atmosphere. Not to mention the double bass attacks and screams and shouts. Most of the girls might have enjoyed the topless musicians even more than the music. But hey, we are all just human.

Setlist: 1. Blackhearted 2. Deep Inside 3. Day O 4. Midnight Walker 5. Cry 6. Hellhole 7. You Don't know Shit 8. Unleash Hell 9. Death unlimited

Die Apokalyptischen Reiter

A view on stage might have caused a bit of confusion. Drum and keyboard riser each on the very right and left side of the stage. Backdrops with the image of the latest album "Samurai" just next to them. And right in the middle where all the previously mentioned should be there was just nothing. But during the show it became quite clear why it was like that. Playing the fifth song a huge inflatable castle to jump upon was put right in that space in the centre. Normally a nice toy for kids fans were welcome on stage to jump around. These "Apocalyptic Horsemen" (that's what the band name means in English) are always good for a surprise. After two thirds of the set they went off stage just to come back immediately to fulfil. Doing cover versions of classic german "Schlager" which do not make any sense to non germans at all as well as the strange visual and the very unique sense of humour made the crowd go wild again. Of course they couldn't play all of their hits but it was amazing even though. Well, a german thing!

Setlist: Intro 1. Seid willkommen 2. Wahnsinn 3. Iron Fist 4. Reitermania 5. Du kleiner Wicht 6. Komm 7. Die Sonne scheint 8. Drums 9. Sehnsucht-Schuhe 10. Unter der Asche 11. We will never die 12. Dschingis-Kahn 13. Vier Reiter stehen bereit 14. Terra nola


BEHEMOTH (PL) 18.20 - 19.05 PS
Not just in the north but also in Poland there is dark places. It's quite certain BEHEMOTH are from such a place. Being one of the early bands of the black metal movement they can look back on seven albums now. Among others this is one of the reasons why so many people walked up to see them play live. On stage the band created an evil atmosphere. In full war paint and in front of cool back drops the band showed up. Corpse paint, leather, spikes, war boots - just as they were coming directly from hell which they were raising right from the start. High speed black metal with mid tempo elements which were obviously MORBID ANGEL influenced. Technically perfect it still was not too clean. Dirty and ice cold and most of all, evil! Fronter Nergal really took hold of the crowd and made clear he came to conquer. From his fan's point of view he certainly did.

Setlist: 1. Sculpting the Throne of Seth 2. Demigod 3. Antichristian Phenomenon 4. From The Pagan Wastelands 5. Conquer All 6. Christians to the Lions 7. Decade of Therion 8. As Above 9. Chant For Eskaton

Dark Tranquility

The guys from Sweden were probably on of the bands most of the people were looking forward to. And the huge crowd gathering in front of the main stage proved. So they got what they deserved, melodic death metal at its very best. 50 minutes to give a full overview of what DARK TRANQUILITY did so far. The set contained mainly old stuff so only 4 tracks from the new album were played. Mainly the hard stuff was considered but in this case it still means catchy melodies. The stage performance was actively and entertaining. So erverybody was enjoying the show, fans and band equally.

Setlist: 1. The Treason Wall 2. Lost To Apathy 3. Smudged Lenses 4. White Noise Black Silence 5. The New Build 6. The Wonders At Your Feet 7. Monochromatic Stains 8. Punish My Heaven 9. Thereln 10. My Negation 11. Final Resistance


ATROCITY 20.05 - 20.50 PS
Lucky lads they were as they are living just around the corner from the festival. So they could stay at home and sleep the longest that morning. An orchestral introduction made the people pay attention when Alex Krull and his band mates entered the stage. Starting off with a surprisingly heavy track Alex' girl friend Liv Kristine appeared to do the background vocals. Climbing up on stage with high heels like that was probably the worst job she had to do. But she did well. And the vocal part was well done, too. Next track was mid tempo and had a catchy chorus. Statements such as "Fuck god, fuck Christ, fuck allah" made him bring beer into a pub. But he probably couldn't think of anything better to introduce the next song "The Gods Of Nations". The visual was interesting as everybody on stage (well, the musicians) were all dressed up in black (what's new?) and wore boots up to their knees. The drummer was the only drummer on that festival playing an e-drum kit. Another track from the Atlantis album blew out of the speakers. Again topped up by Liv's beautiful voice. The CAMOUFLAGE cover "The Great Commandement" came next and was off the Werk 80 album. The "Blut" album's title track was an even bigger step back in history. You may or may not like this stuff but Alex and his boys are around for a long time and they did well. As a matter of fact.

Setlist: Intro 1. Reich Of Phenomenon 2. Gods Of Nation 3. Enigma 4. The Great Commandment 5. B.L.U.T. 6. Apocalypse 7. Cold Black Days 8. Shout


OPETH (SWE) 20.55 - 21.55 MS
The secret headliner of the day. The Swedes did not play Germany too often though their fan base constantly grew bigger and bigger. The unique mix of death metal and folk and psychedelic hard rock wasn't reason enough for big mosh pits but still interesting enough to concentrate on. Astonished faces all over the place. The band was creating an own atmosphere you couldn't escape. Epic arrangements, tricky rhythms, exciting singing, catchy melodies and a wide musical variety the set was all about. OPETH are living in their very own musical world everybody who paid attention was fascinated by. 60 minutes and 5 songs. What else to say? "The Great Conjuration" was the only track of the new album "Ghost Reverie" which is due to be released soon.

Setlist: 1. Drapery Falls 2. Deliverance 3. To Rid The Desease 4. The Grand Conjuration 5. Demon Of The Fall

The Exploited

THE EXPLOITED (UK) 22.00 - 22.50 PS
Punk's not dead. Wattie still keeps trying to fuck the system. As this system gives him the chance to play live and live the way he does I assume he doesn't mean it too serious. But he is also still full of power and many bands who are said to be powerful could take this set as a lesson to learn. And Wattie is not 19 anymore but you couldn't tell by watching him. Mean statements and spitting on stage (maybe he had a bad flue?) more than rain fell down the entire day are just two reasons to keep your eyes on the stage. Totally different to OPETH they played 20 songs in 50 minutes. Only the RAMONES could do more. Performing "Fuck The System" saw DESTRUCTION'S Schmier singing along with Wattie. A fan who for any reason had a chance to get on stage tried to do so as well. But Wattie pushed him down into the photo pit. Very rude indeed. A softer treatment would have been more appropriate. But being in the wrong place at the wrong time can cause problems like this. The guy shoud've known better. Even in 2005 punk can still be dangerous, no doubt.

Setlist: 1. Lets start a War 2. Massacre 3. Dogs of War 4. Noiz Anoiz 5. UK 82 6. Chaos is my Life 7. Alternative 8. Dead Cities 9. Lie to you 10. Troops 11. Never sell out 12. Rival Leaders 13. Fuckin Bastards 14. Anarchy 15. Holidays 16. U.S.A. 17. Fuck the System 18. Beat the Bastards 19. Porno Slut 20. Army Life

In Extremo

IN EXTREMO 22.55 - 0.10 MS
Third time at SUMMER BREEZE you can call them a part of it. And everytime the set up on stage got bigger and bigger. The gallow which was set on fire later that show is a classic meanwhile and there were many other things to watch. While others keep talking about pyros IN EXTREMO just do it. Nearly every song was guided by an effect. Fire walls of 3 meters height. The drummer played with burning sticks and cymbals. And also the back drop was the biggest on this year's festival. Again it was amazing to listen to the fusion of medieval instruments (of which many are hand made by the musicians themselves) and heavy metal power. The track "Vollmond" was introduced by a harp and later on that song it began to rain gold flakes, just beautiful. And a young girl's dream became reality when the singer got her up on stage to sing a romantic ballad just for her. A real headliner, they rocked the house indeed.

Setlist: 1. Erdbeermund 2. Hiamali Tempore 3. Krumma Visur 4. Omnia Sol 5. Horizont 6. Wesserbronner 7. Wind 8. Vollmond 9. Spielmannsfluch 10. Mein rasend Herz 11. Gier 12. Poc Vecem 13. Nur Ihr allein 14. Nymphenzeit 15. Spielmann 16. Villeman Og Magnhild


WINTERSUN (FIN) 00.15 - 01.00 PS
The crowd couldn't wait for WINTERSUN to start their show. Jari Mäenpää got fired from his ex band ENSIFERUM quite some time ago but luckily couldn't let go so he decided to stick around and found this new band. The self titled debut album saw positive reactions from both, fans and media. Apart from the drums he did all instruments himself which is impossible to do on stage, of course. So he gathered some really good people around him with a high technical demand. Especially the drummer plays fast and precisely in a way you wouldn't find too often. The tight performance excited everybody watching it. As they played in time nobody had to switch off the power and so they could finish a normal way and an outroduction ended both, this set and the festival - Friday.

Setlist: Intro 1. Beyond The Dark Sun 2. Battle Against Time 3. Sleeping Stars 4. Beautiful Death 5. Death And The Healing 6. Starchild 7. Winter Madness Outro

Saturday, August 20th


BARCODE (DK) 11.00 - 11.30 MS
Saturday morning and BARCODE did the job somebody had to do. Unfortunately only a few people showed up but the Danish did not care at all and performed as if it was totally crowded. It was quite obvious the band enjoyed what they did. Especially guitarist Jacob whom some of you might know as the singer of HATESPHERE couldn't stop smiling. Though it was early in the morning the band's performance was powerful and not boring to look at. Old school hardcore added by punchy breakdowns, that's what BARCODE did. And they did well. Covering "Breaking The Law" to end their set was their way to pay tribute to the metal god.

Setlist: 1. Shots Out 2. Rise To Dignity 3. In The Pit 4. Fanatics 5. Intolerance 6. Don Ron 7. Vcr4c40 8. Kreuzberg Hustlers 9. No Lust For Life 10. Showdown 11. Borsing 12. Supreme 13. Breaking The Law


SUIDAKRA 11.35 - 12.05 PS
When SUIDAKRA went on stage the place in front of the stage was surprisingly packed. The germans who developed from an average black metal band to a varied and up to date metal band did a set which was beyond any criticism. Technically on a high level they went through their set list. And the new tracks proved the band is still developing as the diverse singing left a good impression. Melodic singing and evil screams as well as changing rhythm made the songs sound more diverse. The fans appreciated this and had a good time though it was raining.

Setlist: 1. Darkane Times 2. Reap The Storm 3. Wartunes 4. Loch Loment 5. Pendragon's Fall 6. Gates Of Nevermore


DRACONIAN (SWE) 12.10 - 12.40 MS
Quite a lot of people showed up not to miss the swedes. Spending nearly two days on the Autobahn to get to the festival perfectly fitted to the "romantic Doom" they do. Not mentioning the bad weather which rounded up the dark atmosphere perfectly. Lyrics as "the sun will never rise again" apparently made the sun go away forever. Sharing the vocal parts between one of the girls in the band who did the cleaner parts and Anders who did the rough parts the slow and quiet tracks were not too welcome while speeding up again fists were put in the air. Actually the perfect band to wake up slowly. One of the four tracks they played within this 30 minute set (!) was "The Dying", a brand new one.

Setlist: 1. Heaven Laid In Tears 2. The Dying 3. Daylight Misery 4. The Cry Of Silence


ENTHRONED (B) 12.45 - 13.15 PS
Clouds and rain, a perfect background and an addition to the show. Being around for a long time they motivated a lot of fans to come around to see the Belgians do their black metal overture. Dressed up in spikes and leather and corpse paint they shot their stone cold black metal into the audience. No keyboards, no female vocals and no popular folk parts, just brutal black metal, raw and straight. High speed or sharp as a knife mid tempo bombs, the band did professionally well and left some people lost in memories of the mighty IMMORTAL. If the religious leaders of Abtsgmuend would've known...

Setlist: 1. Into A.M.S.G. 2. Deny The Holy Books Of Lies 3. The Ultimate Horde Fights 4. Vortex Of Confusion 5. Radiance Of Mordacity 6. Scared By Darkwinds 7. Hellgium Messiah 8. Outro

Lacrimas Profundere

Austria's Synth-Goth-Rocker started off with a big pyro effect which seemed to cause a heavy rain immediately after. Remaining people in front of the stage must have been real hardcore fans. Visually reminding of H.I.M.'s Ville frontman Christopher Schmid surprised with funny statements such as "for the next 30 minutes we'll be your fucking slaves" or "this song is for strange women". All in all it was all about gothic rock the british way.

Setlist: Intro 1. Black 2. Sarah Lou 3. Without 4. Amber Girl 5. For bad Times 6. One Hopes evening 7. Ave End


ENDSTILLE 13.55 - 14.30 PS
ENTHRONED's follow up was ENDSTILLE and watching them I had a deja vu. Both bands were really looking alike. Just the quantity of fans had grown. And more water has been falling down from above. Was it with melodies every here and there at ENTHRONED's show ENDSTILLE were just straight into your face. No compromise. Again the children of darkness were ruling the "BREEZE". The audience highly appreciated the show and the songs. So did the acters on stage as one of them jumped into the crowd immediately after the show.

Orphaned Land

ORPHANED LAND (IL) 14.35 - 15.10 MS
The fact there are not too many bands coming from Israel gave ORPHANED LAND an exotic touch. In addition to that frontman Kobi was wearing an oriental shirt and the music was packed with oriental elements. The "land" in front of the stage was rather packed when the six boys entered the stage. Their epic songs, of which the most were longer than 5 minutes combined prog elements with their oriental roots. The catchy choruses had been singing along by the fans enthusiastically. On of this year's suprises, no doubt.


DISBELIEF 15.15 - 15.50 PS
"Just 35 minutes to hit the gas. Not enough, that's for sure." Well, he could say that again. Though frontman Jagger and his boys had been playing the SUMMER BREEZE various times already this short set left everyone unsatisfied. But what's the point then? So they started off immediately and played their death metal like noone else plays it. It's been astonishing again to see this intensity and possession on stage. Jagger is the main acter on stage undoubtfully. But the band him behind stands like a solid rock. On and in front of the stage every head has been banging. Final track "Rewind It All" was the crown on a fulminant gig.

Setlist: Intro 1. For God 2. Sick 3. God Master 4. To the Sky 5. Misery 6. Crawl 7. Rewind It All


CALIBAN 15.55 - 16.40 MS
CALIBAN is one of the most popular metal core bands of the times. HATEBREED and CALIBAN shirts were gathering to build mosh pits. Phat grooves and razor blade sharp breakdowns, metal core to break your backbone. Even catchy melodies were supplied. And the order to build a wall of death was followed by the crowd. The same goes for requests to do circle pits, just as if everybody was just waiting to do so. The show was a real killer and together with BORN FROM PAIN, MAROON and BARCODE they proved that metal core has a bloody right to be at the "Breeze".

Setlist: 1. I´ve Sold Myself 2. Forsaken Horizon 3. Stigmata 4. Between The Worlds 5. My Little Secret 6. Beloved & The Hatred 7. Vicious Circle 8. The Revenge 9. Good Bye

The Vision Bleak

THE VISION BLEAK 16.45 - 17.25 PS
"The Deathship Has A New Captain" is he name of the current 2nd album and so they took control on the ship called pain stage. Might sound a bit like RUNNING WILD but apart from the fact both bands are german they haven't got much in common. 40 minutes of gothic rock in the vein of FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM. Deep vocals, a dark atmosphere and a cowboy attitude, just the way we wanted it to be. The audience gave them a warm welcome and didn't take it easy when the boys had to leave stage again.

Setlist: Intro 1. Secrecies in Darkness 2. Wolfmoon 3. Carpathia 4. Kutulu! 5. The grand Devilry 6. Deathship Symphony 7. The Lone night Rider

Such a Surge

SUCH A SURGE 17.30 - 18.15 MS
Under the sign of the gorilla the cross-over heroes entered the stage. Surprisingly heavy they started off with "Radiosong". A few years ago the germans were one among many. These days they are just on their own. Well, that's what trends are all about, when they're over good and bad go separate ways.
Their sound definitely was an exception on this year's festival. Probably that's why the black frontman and his bass player put on a black metal body paint. Also they concentrated on playing the heavier stuff. After a short period of "finding out" the fans realized it was just great and so they went along perfectly well.
A convincing performance and I am sure they made a bunch of new fans that day.

Setlist: 1. Radiosong 2. OK 3. Ideale 4. Alles Muss Raus 5. Mein Weg 6. Chaos 7. Überfall 8. Ma Chair 9. Under Pressure 10. Dare Devil 11. Schatten


SYMPHORCE 18.20 - 19.05 PS
Due to the heavy rain some people thought it was rather nice to jump into the mud for overall body painting. The rest of the crowd had a different point of view so the audience got divided into two. Singer Andy didn't really care and he went on with the show and he did good. Powermetal at its best. Andy once again proved to be one of the best metal singers in germany. His voice in combination with his stage acting is always an entertaining thing to watch. 90% of the existing metal bands should have a look, too. Take it as a lesson to learn. New album "Godspeed" is the new record and "Nowhere" from that album was the only new track played and marked the end of a great show which should be an example for oh so many metal bands calling themselves powerfull!!!

Setlist: Intro 1. Fallen 2. Whatever Hate 3. Tears 4. Cause of Laughter 5. Touched and infected 6. Two Seconds 7. Nowhere 8. Slowdown

Subway to Sally

SUBWAY TO SALLY 19.10 - 20.00 MS
A huge back drop was put on stage to make sure really everybody knows who's next to play. The moment the band went on stage the entire crowd forgot about the rain to celebrate a big party with the band. Next to the new single "Sieben" of course loads of old tracks were played. Pyros were set and the band showed they were enjoying it. Banging through the entire set the bassist must have had a bad headache afterwards. Eric spit fire and the show ended impressive. Whoever did miss this, they are on tour currently. So make sure you're better off this time.

Setlist: 1. Veitstanz 2. Knochenschiff 3. Unsterblich 4. 2000 Meilen unter 5. Die Schlacht 6. Sieben 7. Mephisto 8. Henkersbraut 9. Sag dem Teufel 10. Ohne Liebe 11. Falscher Heiland 12. Die Räuber

End of Green

END OF GREEN 20.05 - 20.50 PS
Is there any band who played the SUMMER BREEZE more often than END OF GREEN? Well, it actually doesn't matter, does it? Band and festival grew equally during the last years so it's just fair enough to come together again. As the new record "Dead End Dreaming" was to be released the following Monday they started with "Weakness" just from that album. And they went on their victorious march as they presented themselves perfectly well during the 45 minutes playing time. The goth rockers have almost been in trance due to the power the audience gave back on stage. No other band could hear we-want-more screams that loud. After the show guitarist Michael was swimming in the crowd and the rest of band couldn't hide they were really touched by that situation. A night to remember.

Setlist: Intro 1. Weakness 2. Motor 3. Evergreen 4. Dead End Hero 5. Demons 6. Tragedy Insane 7. Death In Veins 8. Highway 69 9. Everywhere 10. Drink Myself To Sleep


J.B.O. 20.55 - 21.55 MS
You love them or you hate them, there is no in between. And it's not easy to love them I'd say. Camouflage is definitely a trendy thing to wear. But in pink? You must have a good sense of humour to go along with this. And plenty of fans do so. Probably the funniest performance on the festival. Two huge balls were thrown into the audience to be played with. Adapting popular tracks, give them new lyrics and make them metal is what these boys are doing. And they are successful enough to go on with that. Technically the band has the ability to do so and it simply doesn't make any sense to do further explanations as you need to understand german to see. At least everybody had a funny time and they were in interesting contrast to the black metal shows we had that afternoon.

Setlist: Intro 1. Verteidiger des Blödsinns 2. Bolle 3. Gesangsmedley 4. Ein bisschen Frieden 5. Roots 6. Glaubensbekenntnis 7. Wir ham ne Party 8. Arschloch und Spaß dabei 9. Gänseblümchen 10. Ein guter Tag zu sterben 11. Ein Fest


TRISTANIA (NOR) 22.00 - 22.50 PS
3 vocalists, that's what these norwegians came up with. The one with the Wattie-ish hair cut was the man to scream. Quite differing to the curly blond guy and his female colleague Vibeke Sten, contributing the more melodic singing. Everytime Vibeke went on stage in her beautiful black dress the band went on to a supreme performance while Vibeke moved to the sounds theatrically. The atmospheric sound contained many keyboards and samples such as the Gregorian chant. The really took the chance of 8 songs to show what they are all about. And the audience responded positively.

Setlist: 1. Libre 2. Worl Of Glass 3. Beyond The Veil 4. The Wretched 5. A Sequel Of Decay 6. Circus 7. Angellore 8. Angina

Lacuna Coil

LACUNA COIL (I) 22.55 - 00.10 MS
Nearly 11 o'clock it was when the lights got switched off on the mains tage. The 2nd coolest intro of the day started: Francis Ford Coppolas theme "The godfather". Just perfect as Cristina Scabbia and her boys are from the land of "La Familia". Compared to their last appearance at SUMMER BREEZE one has to admit that Cristina's English has improved a lot. The big success in the states and the tours, for instance the Ozzfests, probably helped a lot to achieve this. "It's been a shitty day, but who cares?" stated Mrs. Scabbia to start off into a set of dynamic, power and emotion. The weather seemed to run out of water so it was less rainy during the set. Guitarists and bass performed actively and the entire band's stage acting was impressive and exciting to look at. The mix of modern riffing and mid tempo gothic parts combined with Cristina's and male bandmate Andrea's singing made this music distinctive. Their intention to communicate with the fans worked out well. But it wasn't as successful as AMON AMARTH or IN EXTREMO did. In addition to "A2" which is a brand new track of the soon coming album they performed "No Need To Explain" from the first EP. The great final was "Heaven's A Lie" to end up a great show.

Setlist: Intro 1.Swamped 2. Self Deception 3. Entwined 4. 1.19 5. Senzafine 6. Halflife 7. Humane 8. A2 9. No Need To Explain 10. To Live Is To Hide 11. Tight Rope 12. When A Dead Man Walks 13. Daylight Dancer 14. Heaven's A Lie


PAIN (SWE) 00.15 - 01.00 PS
PAIN were to close down the SUMMER BREEZE 2005. And again they did just great. Workaholic Peter Tägtgren and his boys did improve. Two ladies were acting next to him on stage and not just for optical reasons. What's the point for moaning about women in rock music? These ladies knew how to rock beyond any technical criticism. As PAIN is the more "poppy" project, compared to Peter's main band HYPOCRISY the music is based on catchy melodies, driving beats and screaming guitars. An ideal band make the crowd give its best. They acted powerful and shot hit by hit into the audience. Even heaven was impressed and stopped raining. "Dancing With The Dead" and "Same Old Song" from the current album as well as "Suicide Machine" were the undefeated highlights of the set. This excited not only the fans but also Cristina Scabbia and many more musicians and journalists who were watching the show from aside of the stage. What a festival, what a show, can't wait for 2006.

Setlist: Intro 1. Super Sonic 2. End Of The Line 3. Dancing With The Dead 4. Eleanor 5. Greed 6. Bye Dye 7. It's Only Them 8. Shut Your Mouth 9. Same Old Song 10. On And On 11. Suicide Machine

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