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Absage: GOST Ersatz: Hollywood Burns

HOLLYWOOD BURNS springen ein!

Leider müssen wir bekannt geben, dass GOST ihren Gig auf dem SUMMER BREEZE 2019 absagen mussten.
Hier das Statement der Band:
„GOST will have to cancel his next tour in Europe, including Summer Breeze, due to an extreme tiredness and health issues, recently while on tour in the USA, that won’t allow him to fly for Europe in the next month. The band, and the management as well, are very sad to have to do that, and wish to send their sincere apologies for the inconvenience to all the promoters who were happy to have us on their festivals. We tried to make it happen those last few days, and we tried our best to find solutions, but the wisest one is obviously to cancel and give a proper time to the artist to rest and fix his condition.”
Ein großes Sorry an alle, die sich auf diesen Auftritt gefreut haben.