Breeze Tuesday

Campsite open on Tuesday

The entrance corridors will open on Tuesday at 10:00 and stay open until 22:00 in the evening. In the night from Tuesday to Wednesday it won’t be possible to access the campsite, but on Wednesday we will open at 10:00 again, this time all the way until Sunday. So all those who wish to arrive a day earlier for SUMMER BREEZE may do so during the 12-hour time window on Tuesday.

However, we have to charge those arriving early a tba.- Euro contribution towards logistical costs per person just like last year, because it wouldn’t be fair that the significant additional costs (personnel, rent, etc.) are carried by all campers, but only those arriving early.

In return, those arriving on Tuesday get the chance to camp near the infield (i.e. the entrance to the concert area). In addition, we will offer these early campers the free shuttle service to and from Dinkelsbühl on Tuesday already. This way, all those who normally had to rush to see the first bands as soon as they arrived will get a chance to use the extra day to visit the beautiful town of Dinkelsbühl. The exact timetable for the shuttle buses is not 100% set yet, but it will be made public in time before the festival start.

All those camping in the GREEN CAMPING area, on reserved camping space, in the disabled camping area and in the VIP campsite there will obviously also get the chance to arrive on Tuesday between 10:00 and 22:00 for the above mentioned fee.

All the facts at one glance

  • Opening times, Tuesday: 10:00 – 22:00
  • Price: 15.- Euros per person
  • It will be possible to camp close to the entrance to the concert area
  • Free shuttle service to/from Dinkelsbühl available

FAQs Tuesday arrival

How do I have to book my arrival on Tuesday? I already have my ticket, do I have to book my Tuesday arrival separately? How do I pay the extra Euros?
The money has to be paid on site, there is no need to book anything. You just have to pay the fee when you pick up your bracelet. However, everybody has to pay, including people accompanying a handicapped person and VIPs.

What happens if I haven’t been able to pass the security corridors by 22:00 on Tuesday? Do I have to wait in the car outside the campsite until 10:00 on Wednesday?
The corridors will be open until 22:00 unless all cars haven’t gone through. We will keep checking in cars until there is no one in line any more…

I “live” in the VIP camp / Green Camp / Comfort Camp / reserved area / handicapped camp. How do I get there on Tuesday?
Access to the above mentioned areas will happen according to the instructions and maps attached to the confirmation PDFs. If you don’t have these instructions, please contact the member of your group who made the reservation or requested the accreditation first. If this person does’t have the access PDFs either, please email

It’s obvious that everybody wants to get the best possible spot on the campsite, but this is just not possible, no matter if we open Tuesday or Wednesday, due to the nature of the operation. It is our goal to live up to everybody’s expectations and to check in over 30,000 people without waiting time and with limited infrastructure (streets, etc.), but it’s not always doable…