Uppercut alert! With their powerful blackened hardcore, ANCST will bring the heat at SUMMER BREEZE 2018!

‘Ghosts Of A Timeless Void’ is the title of the Berliners’ brand new full-length, on which they have further honed their crust-influenced mix of hardcore and black metal. Mercyless and unrelenting, they hit you right in the face, so one can safely expect some proper mosh pit action in Dinkelsbühl next August. The combination of dark, yet always melodic metal with antisocial crust punk works all the time for ANCST, so they can await a diverse crowd from all walks of metal when they hit the stage at SUMMER BREEZE. That’s crossover – no matter if you are a punk or a black metal fan, ANCST will give you all a mighty kick in the teeth!



The Humane Condition - EP (2013)
Lamenting a Dying World - EP (2013)
November - EP (2013)
Taima - EP (2014)
Dark Space Clutter - EP (2015)
Moloch - Album (2016)
Stormcaster - EP (2016)
Furnace - EP (2017)
Ghost Of The Timeless Void - Album (2018)