Iceland is a real hotbed of musical creativity – month after month, amazing new bands see the light of day. Our next confirmation also hail from the island in the north and have managed to draw a lot of attention recently: AUÐN.

With their atmospheric black/viking metal they conquered our hearts effortlessly, and on their recent tour of Germany the Icelanders gained a lot of applause as well. No question: the atmospheric depth of their songs, which have a melodic treatment somewhere in between Primordial and Solstafir, invite you to close your eyes and dream, not least due to their cold Icelandic charm. The tastefully interspersed blast beats quickly drive the listener out of his lethargy though, making this a real emotional rollercoaster, both on record and live, of course. If you think you are up to the challenge and wish to experience Iceland’s hottest new musical export, you should definitely be there for AUÐN’s show as part of the Riot Of The Underground! Total insider’s tip!


Auðn - Album (2014)
Farvegir Fyrndar - Album (2017)