Backyard Babies

A little sleaze, a lot of rock’n’roll (attitude) and even more coolness are what set our next confirmation apart: ladies and gentlemen, get ready for a rock’n’roll hurricane, the BACKYARD BABIES are coming to Dinkelsbühl!

With their down-to-earth music and their fuck-off attitude the Swedes hit the nail on the head from the get-go, drawing fans from all walks of the hard rock universe to their shows. After a pause that lasted several years, the BACKYARD BABIES first returned to the stages in 2014, as fresh and unspent as they were at the beginning of their career. This means Dregen and Co. made good use of their hiatus, so that at SUMMER BREEZE 2018 they will shake your bodies with their Ramones-, Kiss- and Hanoi Rocks-infused street rock! Don’t miss ’em!



Diesel And Power - Album (1994)
Total 13 - Album (1998)
Making Enemies Is Good - Album (2001)
Stockholm Syndrome - Album (2003)
Live in Paris - Live-Album (2005)
People Like People Like People Like Us - Album (2006)
Backyard Babies - Album (2008)
Four By Four - Album (2015)

Live @ Summer Breeze