When fiction becomes reality… With the following confirmation we present you a band, of which probably few expected to ever see them live: We are talking about BELZEBUBS.

The once fictitious “Black Metal” band will do one of their very few festival-shows in Europe at the SUMMER BREEZE, and the first drafts of the show promise damn greatness! About the band: BELZEBUBS were designed as a fictitious band by the Finnish comic artist JP Ahonen. The satirical web comic about the Black Metal-scene was published in six languages and published in various metal magazines. Meanwhile the band was brought to life – with well-known musicians – and released their very successful debut album ‘Pantheon Of The Nightside Gods’ via Century Media. The material, however, is not Black Metal but Melodic Death Metal. The actual identity of the band members has not been revealed and won’t be, even after their appearance at SUMMER BREEZE! So be prepared for a great show of this extraordinary band. Become part of it when fiction becomes reality and a comic comes to life! Don’t.Miss.This.!!!


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