Oooollllddd schoooool! As new re-confirmation we present you British Death Metal veterans who are just experiencing their second – or even third – spring: BENEDICTION are coming to the SUMMER BREEZE 2021!

At the Nuclear Blast label night the Brits will once again crush Dinkelsbühl. The guys from Birmingham have been at the forefront of British death metal since the late eighties and they will prove once again that they are far from being old-fashioned! The gentlemen are motivated up to the tips of their hair, not least because their last shows were packed, and BENEDICTION were celebrated properly. So, expect nothing less than total dominance from the British!



Subconscious Terror - Album (1990)
The Grand Leveller - Album (1991)
Dark Is The Season - EP (1992)
Transcend The Rubicon - Album (1993)
The Grotesque / Ashen Epitaph - EP (1994)
The Dreams You Dread - Album (1995)
Grind Bastard - Album (1998)
Organised Chaos - Album (2001)
Killing Music - Album (2008)
Dark Is the Season / The Grotesque - Compilation (2015)
The Nuclear Blast Recordings - Compilation (2018)
Scriptures - Album (2020)

Live @ Summer Breeze