Beyond The Black

The following band has truly had a meteoric rise. And it was absolutely well-earned. We are talking about BEYOND THE BLACK.

Over the years, the melodic power metallers have become a force to be reckoned with in this genre as they have steadily climbed the ladder of success towards the top with their hard work and successful albums. BEYOND THE BLACK have been able to shake off envious fans and critics with their catchy tunes and excellent live shows, and have conquered more and more hearts. Obviously, it was long overdue to finally sign the band for SUMMER BREEZE again after seven years of abstinence. Also, to show that the German power metal scene still has some gems in store that deserve to be celebrated by you! BEYOND THE BLACK have enough catchy song material on their hands to put on a great show in Dinkelsbühl, so don’t miss it!


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Live @ Summer Breeze

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