Born From Pain

Always a guarantee for reliable live entertainment are the hardcore gang from BORN FROM PAIN, our next confirmation.

The guys have been around for 24 years, so you can safely count them among the veterans. But the guys from Heerlen, Netherlands, are yet to get rusty. Rather, they mature like a fine wine: The older, the better. And that’s exactly why you shouldn’t miss BORN FROM PAIN at their gig in Dinkelsbühl. With all their experience and numerous classics up their sleeves, they will give you a good beating!


For Fans Of...


Immortality - EP (1999)
Reclaiming The Crown - Album (2002)amazon
Sands Of Time - Album (2003)amazon
In Love With The End - Album (2005)EMP
War - Album (2006)EMP
Survival - Album (2008)EMP
The New Future - Album (2012)