Bury Tomorrow

Also appearing at SUMMER BREEZE 2019: the masters of the metalcore rulebook: BURY TOMORROW!

The five Englishmen will play Dinkelsbühl once again, this time with their newest record ‘Black Flame’, which has already been praised by critics everywhere. BURY TOMORROW are a band that is already counted among the big names of metalcore. Especially as of late the band has enjoyed a massive surge in popularity. The metalcore fans among you know what’s up anyway, but all the rest will definitely be entertained as well, because BURY TOMORROW just know how to deliver a gripping, sweat-drenched show! So don’t miss it…



The Sleep Of The Innocents - EP (2007)
Portraits - Album (2009)
On Waxed Wings - Album (2010)
The Union Of Crowns - Album (2012)
Runes - Album (2014)
Earthbound - Album (2016)
Black Flame - Album (2018)