Bury Tomorrow

The surge in popularity won’t stop, so we HAD to book this formidable band: BURY TOMORROW will come to SUMMER BREEZE in 2021!

Through hard work – that is, successful albums and countless shows – these English folks have played their way deep into the hearts of Metalcore fans. This is underlined not least by their new album ‘Cannibal’, which has entered number three on the German charts and the top-ten on the British charts. You could say the band is taking a huge leap and you can support them live! At SUMMER BREEZE 2021 in Dinkelsbühl!



The Sleep Of The Innocents - EP (2007)
Portraits - Album (2009)
On Waxed Wings - Album (2010)
The Union Of Crowns - Album (2012)
Runes - Album (2014)
Earthbound - Album (2016)
Black Flame - Album (2018)