Carnal Decay

The Swiss will make a racket at the Rising Nemesis Label Matinee as well: CARNAL DECAY are traveling to Dinkelsbühl.

They are bringing not just their 2018 EP ‘When Push Comes To Shove’, but also straight-forward, extremely brutal death metal that will appeal to the old and new school alike. Their song material is beyond doubt, goes straight into your ears and kicks some major ass. In a live situation, the band – who call themselves “Switzerland’s most aggressive death metal!!!!” (and are not mistaken) – should be able to grab your attention, because the Swiss can definitely win over fans of bands such as Dying Fetus, Suffocation and Misery Index. If you’re looking for blastbeats and breakdowns, here you will find them – check them out!





Carnal Pleasures - Album (2006)
Chopping Off the Head - Album (2008)
On Top of the Food Chain - Album (2011)
Grotesque First Action - EP (2013)
You Owe You Pay - Album (2017)
When Push Comes to Shove - EP (2018)