Carpenter Brut

With the following confirmation we present you a very special treat, as it’s going to be the band’s very first German open air show: CARPENTER BRUT!

CARPENTER BRUT draw their inspiration from 80s TV shows and numerous B movie classics and are not easy to categorize musically. Their mixture of dark synth, rock and metal put CARPENTER BRUT in the support role for Ghost in the United States in 2016, where they made quite an impression as a three-piece. In the clubs of New York, L.A., Paris and London, CARPENTER BRUT songs are already staples at every party, so we’re convinced that all open-minded music lovers at SUMMER BREEZE 2018 will have loads of fun with the CARPENTER BRUT performance. Groove yourself into a trance, like many of you have already done at other hard music festivals abroad – it’s about time CARPENTER BRUT get the same type of recognition in the German heavy scene as they already enjoy outside our borders!



EP I - EP (2012)
EP II - EP (2013)
EP III - EP (2015)
Trilogy - Album (2015)