Cattle Decapitation

It’s been a while… Yes, many moons have passed since the following confirmation has delighted us with their presence for the last time. We are talking about CATTLE DECAPITATION!

The Death Grinders from San Diego are coming to Dinkelsbühl, their new album ‘Death Atlas’ in their bags. Even although this silver plate contains some melodic elements, CATTLE DECAPITATION haven’t lost anything of their brutality, aggressiveness and penetrating power. And they are willing to put this thesis to the test on our fields in August. As always, they won’t disappoint, so better be there when CATTLE DECAPITATION are death-grinding through their repertoire full speed!



Human Jerky - EP (1999)
Homovore - EP (2000)
To Serve Man - Album (2002)
Humanure - Album (2004)
Karma.Bloody.Karma - Album (2006)
The Harvest Floor - Album (2009)
Monolith Of Inhumanity - Album (2012)
The Anthropocene Extinction - Album (2015)
Medium Rarities - Album (2018)
Death Atlas - Album (2019)