Comeback Kid

Our next confirmation for the year 2022 is undoubtedly a guarantor for good vibes: COMBEACK KID!

The melodic punk rockers have plenty of feel-good anthems in their repertoire to make all of Dinkelsbühl sing along and turn the place upside down. Even better: the band has used the Corona break to record a new album, so nothing stands in the way of enjoying their latest hits at the CBK performance at SUMMER BREEZE. Buckle up, friends, because a party is coming, and it is going to be fierce! As usual when COMEBACK KID are in town…



Turn It Around - Album (2003)
Wake The Dead - Album (2005)
Broadcasting - Album (2007)
Through The Noise - Album (2008)
Symptoms + Cures - Album (2010)
Die Knowing - Album (2014)
Outsider - Album (2017)