Danko Jones

It’s time to administer SUMMER BREEZE a dose of straight-forwards garage punk rock’n’roll, which is why we have invited Canada’s DANKO JONES to Dinkelsbühl!

Mainman Danko as already declared himself a diehard heavy metal fan in the past, so he and his band will probably step up the heaviness a notch in order to give you a right kick in the ass. This shouldn’t be a problem for the Canadians, as their songs have enough potential to spread a relaxed party atmosphere. Get yourself infected by the energetic trio’s contagious power and you will not only get to dance in the Dinkelsbühl summer, but also to bang your heads. DANKO JONES will definitely light a fire under your asses…



Danko Jones - EP (1998)
My Love Is Bold - EP (1999)
Born A Lion - Album (2002)
We Sweat Blood - Album (2003)
Sleep Is The Enemy - Album (2006)
Never Too Loud - Album (2008)
Below The Belt - Album (2010)
Mouth To Mouth - EP (2011)
Rock And Roll Is Black And Blue - Album (2012)
Fire Music - Album (2015)
Wild Cat - Album (2017)