This next confirmation hits you right in the face! With their mix of old-school Scandinavian death, grind, sludge and punk, DEATHRITE are among the most hopeful bands in the scene.

Active since 2010 already, in the last few years the Dresden natives were able to jump on some major tours and play to a wider audience. But since a DIY, underground attitude are still paramount in the DEATHRITE camp, the band have managed to stay hungry, wild and merciless, despite a growing interest from fans and press alike, yet keeping the faith in their rabid old-school fans. This shows especially during their live shows, where they go for it in such a brutal, ruthless way that it is still a pleasure to watch DEATHRITE after all these years. Now also in Dinkelsbühl, where they will kick your arses as part of the Riot Of The Underground! Be there!


Deathrite - Album (2011)
Into Extinction - Album (2013)
Revelation Of Chaos - Album (2015)