Well, for the next band you could almost say almost a hometown gig, even though they originate from the wider Stuttgart-area. But DEBAUCHERY always find strong support, no matter where in the South.

With their catchy Death Metal, DEBAUCHERY built a respectable fanbase – unsurprisingly, as the band is relentlessly active when it comes to live shows. There is hardly any German Death Metal band that is playing as many live shows as Thomas Gurrath and his crew. Consequently, you can expect a highly experienced team that hasn’t been our guest in ages. So be nice and show these folks the awesomeness of our audience in Dinkelsbühl!


For Fans Of...


Kill Maim Burn - Album (2003)
Rage of the Bloodbeast - Album (2004)
Torture Pit - Album (2005)
Back in Blood - Album (2007)
Continue to Kill - Album (2008)
Rockers & War - Album (2009)
Germany's Next Death Metal - Album (2011)
Kings of Carnage - Album (2013)
F*ck Humanity - Album (2015)
Thunderbeast - Split (2016)
Blood for the Blood God - Compilation (2019)

Live @ Summer Breeze