Décembre Noir

You want it doomy? But with a little death thrown in for good measure? Well, we have exactly the right thing for you: DÉCEMBRE NOIR will grace SUMMER BREEZE with their presence as part of the Lifeforce Label Matinee.

Since 2008 already the Erfurt-based combo have been dedicated to murky death/doom, releasing a formidable album in ‘Autumn Kings’ just recently. They just dot all the i’s: atmosphere, melody, slowness, melancholy and heaviness – simply everything that die-hard doomsters thirst for. So let us  recommend you buy ‘Autumn Kings’ and watch DÉCEMBRE NOIR at SUMMER BREEZE.





A Discouraged Believer - Album (2014)
Forsaken Earth - Album (2016)
Autumn Kings - Album (2018)