Die Apokalyptischen Reiter

Reitermania over Dinkelsbühl! DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER will come to the SUMMER BREEZE for their only festival appearance in the year 2022!

This means you can enjoy the new songs of the Thuringian rascals live at the SUMMER BREEZE even before their tour. So don’t miss this chance, because as we all know, when it comes to entertainment, the REITER do an excellent job on stage. Another grandiose event on the agenda in Dinkelsbühl. Be there!



Soft & Stronger - Album (1997)
Allegro Barbaro - Album (1999)
All You Need Is Love - Album (2000)
Have A Nice Trip - Album (2003)
Samurai - Album (2004)
Friede sei mit Dir - DVD (2006)
Riders On The Storm - Album (2006)
Tobsucht - Live-Album (2008)
Licht - Album (2008)
Moral & Wahnsinn - Album (2011)
The Greatest Of The Best - Compilation (2011)
Tief.Tiefer - Album (2014)
Der Rote Reiter - Album (2017)