Die Apokalyptischen Reiter

Goddamn, for sure no one expected the next confirmed band to return with such a killer album, yet ‘Der Rote Reiter’ exceeds all expectations! DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER are back, and what a return it is!

On the new full-length record every song crushes, almost making you wish the guys would play this masterpiece in its entirety at SUMMER BREEZE… But fear not, the good old classics will be present too! PROMISE! However, knowing how unpredictable Mr. Fuchs and Co. are, questions arise about the stage show. We have no idea, what gimmicks DI APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER have come up with for their summer show in Dinkelsbühl, but there will certainly be a lot to watch, smile and participate. Let’s just hope the elephant from ‘Franz Weiss’ doesn’t make an appearance, as that would be just a bit too much…



Soft & Stronger - Album (1997)
Allegro Barbaro - Album (1999)
All You Need Is Love - Album (2000)
Have A Nice Trip - Album (2003)
Samurai - Album (2004)
Friede sei mit Dir - DVD (2006)
Riders On The Storm - Album (2006)
Tobsucht - Live-Album (2008)
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Moral & Wahnsinn - Album (2011)
The Greatest Of The Best - Compilation (2011)
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Der Rote Reiter - Album (2017)