You like slabby, lava-like guitar and slooow songs? You start your day with Doom Metal? Great, then we might have an awesome new discovery from Oslo for you: DWAAL will debut at the BREEZE in summer 2020.

The Norwegians have been around since 2014 and have just recently released their debut album ‘Gospel Of The Bile’ via Dark Essence. During the By:Larm Black Festival the band played two sets and took the audience by storm! Atmospherically dense, unbelievably heavy and intense but at the same time captivating – after seeing their shows, we just had to book them! Their successful mix of doom, sludge and some post metal elements is both depressing and impressive at the same time, so that we would like to recommend DWAAL to every fan of the above mentioned styles. Check out the ladies and gentlemen, you will not regret it!



Darben - EP (2017)
Gospel Of The Vile - Album (2020)