Dying Fetus

Don’t mess with DYING FETUS! ‘Wrong One To Fuck With’, the US death metal veterans’ current album, is a pure demonstration of power. Dynamic, brutal, and backed by their 25-year history, the gentlemen from Annapolis easily manage to play one of the leading roles in the highest league of the death metal universe. And you’ll get sufficient proof at SUMMER BREEZE 2018 in Dinkelsbühl. Showing no signs of tiredness, there is still room to up the ante. DYING FETUS groove and blast their way through each show, spewing forth their truths on politics and religion. The American slam commando DYING FETUS is going to kick your arses. We promise!



Purification Through Violence - Album (1996)
Killing On Adrenaline - Album (1998)
Grotesque Impalement - EP (2000)
Destroy The Opposition - Album (2000)
Killing On Live - DVD (2002)
Stop At Nothing - Album (2003)
War Of Attrition - Album (2007)
Descend Into Depravity - Album (2009)
History Repeats... - EP (2011)
Reign Supreme - Album (2012)
Wrong One To Fuck With - Album (2017)