It has to be brutal at SUMMER BREEZE 2019! That’s perfect for a band such as DYSCARNATE whose booking we are proud to announce today!
The guys hail from the land of Judas Priest and Iron Maiden, but they don’t care much for traditional heavy metal, concentrating on aggressive, groovy death metal of the American school.
They are called the hope of English death metal, and rightfully so, as their brutality and aggression rivals those of their models Pantera and Lamb Of God.
This means DYSCARNATE can prevail in front of any crowd, even the demanding SUMMER BREEZE patrons, and you can see for yourself in Dinkelsbühl!



Annihilate To Liberate - EP (2008)
Enduring The Massacre - Album (2010)
And So It Came To Pass - Album (2012)
With All Their Might - Album (2017)