Everybody, we’ve got something to celebrate: ENSIFERUM will do their 25th anniversary show at SUMMER BREEZE!

Some people still remember as if it had only been yesterday that ENSIFERUM unleashed their debut on the metal scene. And it dropped -like a bomb! In the beginning of their career and on stage, the band acted rather restrained and shy. But by now, the Finns belong to the old hands of the Viking scene and they will bring a bright selection of their best songs to their anniversary show. And on top of that, brand-new songs will be released, as a new album of the Finns is also in the starting blocks. So, there are enough reasons for ENSIFERUM fans to celebrate in 2020. And obviously, it’s best to celebrate in Dinkesbühl.


For Fans Of...


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Suomi Warmetal - EP (2014)
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Two Paths - Album (2017)