Evil Scarecrow

Those “special” bands that don’t take themselves too seriously and are just a lot of fun on stage and for the crowd are normally very well received among you. Now we have a new candidate with EVIL SCARECROW, who you are just going to love!

Already a established comedy number on English festivals, EVIL SCARECROW are coming to Dinkelsbühl for the first time in 2018 to stir shit up with their curious mix of heavy music, trash (the lack of H is intentional) and loads of fun. Let’s hope they don’t leave their aluminium foil robot at home, after all we want to enjoy the full EVIL SCARECROW package at SUMMER BREEZE! Check out these crazy mofos!



Crowcifiction - Album (2006)
Sixty-Six Minutes Past Six - Album (2009)
Galactic Hunt - Album (2014)