This is cult! Real cult! The following confirmation is band that wrote metal history. With their groove-infected thrash metal they influenced generations of bands, not least the super famous Pantera! We are obviously talking about EXHORDER, who are active again and coming to Dinkelsbühl in 2018!

Even though the band only ever released two albums, they are considered forerunners of modern thrash metal by all fans of this style. With their 1990 debut ‘Slaughter In The Vatican’ they created an amazing symbiosis of razor-sharp riffs, grooves, aggressive lyrics and hard vocals that hasn’t lost any of its power after all these years. The following ‘The Law’ certainly lived up to the debut, even though the specialists (and those who consider themselves to be such) argue until today which one is the New Orleans act’s better album… Whatever, fact is that all of EXHORDER’s material has stood the test of time and still kicks arse like the very first time. And we could personally confirm that the guys still offer an amazing live performance when we saw their reunion gig in Gelsenkirchen. If you want to witness a cult thrash metal band, you MUST watch EXHORDER at SUMMER BREEZE!



Slaughter In The Vatican - Album (1990)
The Law - Album (1992)

Live @ Summer Breeze