Fear of Domination

They call themselves shock industrial metal, and it’s not really far off. We’re talking about FEAR OF DOMINATION, who will make an appearence during the Out Of Line Label Matinee on the Ficken Party Stage.

The Finns perform danceable metal with industrial components that goes straight in your ear. Musically, they are active on many different fields, which gives the band a refreshing touch. They brush upon regions ranging from melodeath to nu metal, all of it in line with their modern sounds and a touch of electronica. This should make you all move, so check out the Finns at the Label Matinee!





Call Of Schizophrenia - Album (2009)
Create.Control.Exterminate. - Album (2011)
Distorted Delusions - Album (2014)
Atlas - Album (2016)
Metanoia - Album (2018)