Final Breath

Thrashers FINAL BREATH have returned with a bang titled ‘Of Death And Sin’. This means in August they’ll be on stage live in Dinkelsbühl!

Before they took a long hiatus, the Franconians were common guests on German stages. In 2018 they suddenly came back from the dead with a killer album which slays from back to front. Dynamic thrash metal songs with the ideal portion of melody and an incredible power quickly make us forget the years of silence surrounding FINAL BREATH. What a comeback! Press and fans alike were extatic, now the Franconians are ready to show you all at SUMMER BREEZE that there’s still a lot of life left in them. If you’re into straight-forward thrash, you shoul really not miss this…




End of It All - EP (1997)
Flash-Burnt Crucifixes - Album (2000)
Mind Explosion - Album (2002)
Let Me Be Your Tank - Album (2004)
Of Death And Sin - Album (2018)