Frog Bog Dosenband

The slogan of the following confirmation is “Get wasted!” – it should be clear what’s on the agenda: a boozy party. The FROG BOG DOSENBAND comes to Dinkelsbühl.

And the Osnabrück combo should fit perfectly on the Ficken Party stage as rumor has it that there are ridiculous parties going on in that area of the SUMMER BREEZE. So if you miss the musical morning pint with hits like ‘Schaufelradbaggerverleih’ (‘bucket-wheel excavator rental service’), ‘Wir bechern mit dem dicken Mann’ (‘We are binchdrinking with the fat guy’), ‘Morgen Früh kommt der Auamann’ (‘Tomorrow morning, the bubu-man will come’) and many more, it’s your own fault! Party life is celebrated here, on and in front of the stage! Cheers then!


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