Fancy some melodic death metal with viking influences? Then you can look forward to FROSTTIDE, who will storm the Ficken Party Stage as part of the Out Of Line Label Matinee.

The Finns are already celebrating their 10thanniversary, yet are still flying pretty much under the radar of many metalheads. This should quickly change, as FROSTTIDE play exactly the kind of music that always gets the best reactions on our fields: melodic death metal with nordic influences, choral, sacral, rocking, folky – just great to have a party. And that’s exactly what you’ll get from FROSTTIDE – so don’t you miss it!





Dawn Of Frost - EP (2010)
Our Journey - EP (2012)
Awakening - Album (2013)
Blood Oath - Album (2015)
Decedents - EP (2018)