The time has come! For the first time ever, GOATWHORE will be at SUMMER BREEZE! This malignant blend of death, thrash and black metal has been brewing in the most swampy holes of Louisiana since 1997, and with their seventh album ‘Vengeful Ascension’ GOATWHORE have proven that Satan is the coolest pimp around. A constant gargling before you spew your hate into the world, fat, meaty riffs that shake your heads and galloping grooves that convince you that GOATWHORE have succeeded in creating their own vision of evil. When dogs listen to GOATWHORE they turn into wolves! As simple as that!



The Eclipse Of Ages Into Black - Album (2000)
Funeral Dirge For The Rotting Sun - Album (2003)
A Haunting Curse - Album (2006)
Carving Out The Eyes of God - Album (2009)
Blood For The Master - Album (2012)
Constricting Rage Of The Merciless - Album (2014)
Vengeful Ascension - Album (2017)

Live @ Summer Breeze