Japan visits Dinkelsbühl: The “Northern Nostalgic” metalheads GYZE are coming to SUMMER BREEZE 2018.

Even though the Japanese were still completely unknown around these parts back then, they managed to gain some positive reactions a couple of years ago at SUMMER BREEZE. In the meantime, they released a new album which should raise a few eyebrows with its mixture of melodic death metal and power metal elements. If you love the guitar work in Arch Enemy and the melodies in Wintersun, and just generally have a soft spot for music that is melodic, yet fast and heavy, should watch the GYZE show. We are sure that many of you will find the band appealing, so doyourselves a favour and check them out!



Without Hesitation - EP (2011)
Fascinating Violence - Album (2013)
Black Bride - Album (2015)
Northern Hell Song - Album (2017)

Live @ Summer Breeze