Haunting melodies, darkness, dragging riffs, vocals in Faoese language – you know who’s coming to SUMMER BREEZE? Exactly, HAMFERÐ will do the honours.

The doom death ensemble from far up north haven’t been our guests in Dinkelsbühl for what seems like an eternity, but since they released another fantastic EP with 2019’s ‘Ódn’, we just had to book HAMFERÐ for this summer. You know, when the Faroese take to the stage, a fascinating atmosphere originates immediately, and there is no escaping it. The somber, death metal tinged compositions with fine melodies unfold their full potential in the dark, so you can already look forward to a very late show by these gentlemen.





Vilst er síðsta fet - EP (2010)
Evst - Album (2013)

Live @ Summer Breeze