Hate Squad

These veterans have been at it for over 25 years – yet they are still as motivated as ever: HATE SQUAD will work the Ficken Party Stage.

Although there music is rooted in thrash metal, the Northern Germans have always known how to give enough room to hardcore elements. That’s why HATE SQUAD were not always easy to categorize – yet they influenced numerous bands with their extreme sounds. Not least Heaven Shall Burn covered the HATE SQUAD song ‘Not My God’, which obviously underlines the status of this band. If you want to witness live how hardcore and metal are properly melded, and how active one of the first ever German metalcore still is after 25 years, you should check out HATE SQUAD on Wednesday at the Ficken Party Stage. Nuff said.




Theater Of Hate - Album (1994)
I.Q. Zero - Album (1995)
Sub Zero – The Remixes - EP (1996)
Pzyco! - Album (1997)
H8 For The Masses - Album (2004)
Degüello Wartunes - Album (2008)
Katharsis - Album (2011)
You Are Not My Fuckin' God – Best Of 20 Years Of Raging Hate - Compilation (2013)
Reborn From Ashes - Album (2018)