Thrash as Thrash can. With our next confirmation simply everything suits just well: attitude AND songwriting. Of course, we’re talking about HAVOK!

The US-American Thrashers quickly became a constant in the “new” Thrash Metal scene with their full throttle Thrash Metal, which brought numerous pearls to the surface some years ago. Without a doubt, HAVOK have been one of those pearls from the very beginning, because with their lively attitude their songs breath the flair of the early/mid-eighties Bay Area scene. For many old school Thrash fans this was a real treat, younger thrashers enjoyed the energetic performance that HAVOK performed live and on record. It’s great that the band from Denver, Colorado finds its way to DKB again. Let’s celebrate them! Mosh!


For Fans Of...


Own 'em All - EP (2007)
Burn - Album (2009)
Time Is Up - Album (2011)
Point Of No Return - EP (2012)
Unnatural Selection - Album (2013)
Conformicide - Album (2017)

Live @ Summer Breeze