Idle Hands

The Heavy Metal underground is known to be full of pearls, some rightfully so, some hyped without reason. One combo that has attracted attention with their unique mixture of music is IDLE HANDS, who are making their debut at the SUMMER BREEZE in 2020.

“Unique” is probably the best way to describe the music of the guys from Portland. The mixture of Heavy Metal and Gothic Rock hadn’t existed in this form before – and the best thing about it: The whole thing sounds like one piece, and completely natural by doing so! Naturally, it’s not surprising that the band has signed with the big players in the industry – the potential of IDLE HANDS is immense! So don’t miss out on the folks from Portland at the Riot Of The Underground. Who knows how long IDLE HANDS will continue to play in these intimate settings!



Don't Waste Your Time - EP (2018)
Mana - Album (2019)