Fancy a good dose of blastbeats? INGESTED will satisfy your craving at SUMMER BREEZE 2019!

Some consider them a grind band, others think they are more deathcore – but back in the day this kind of music was just called extreme death metal. Okay, there’s a number of beatdowns that bring some variation into the band’s brutal sound, but at the end of the day their music is written in a way that every fan of extreme death metal, from grind to deathcore, can definitely enjoy it… You know what you have to do: Go watch them! We’re sure all fans of Skinless and Devourment have already marked INGESTED in red on their running orders, right?!



urpassing The Boundaries Of Human Suffering - Album (2009)
The Surreption - Album (2011)
Revered By No One, Feared By All - EP (2013)
The Architect Of Extinction - Album (2015)
The Level Above Human - Album (2018)