Iron Reagan

It’s that unapologetic groove that hammers away at your face with full power. It’s the thrashy hardcore speed eruptions that have put IRON REAGAN on top of the list of bands that must not be missed. At SUMMER BREEZE you will have the chance to check out IRON REAGAN live.

Tony’s vocals are right on the money, and you don’t really need a 5-minute song to make a strong statement. Thrashers, punks, you and me – IRON REAGAN from Richmond, Viriginia kick absolutely everyone’s arse. A whirlwind of hardcore, punk and metal will sweep the SUMMER BREEZE site. Look forward to the show, as we do so as well! We’re glad havin’ them.



Worse Than Dead - Album (2013)
The Tyranny Of Will - Album (2014)
Crossover Ministry - Album (2017)
Dark Days Ahead - EP (2018)

Live @ Summer Breeze