Wanna have some Slam? Some Brutal Death Metal? Yes? As you like. We celebrate another premiere at the SUMMER BREEZE 2020: KRAANIUM are coming to Dinkelsbühl in August!

The guys from Oslo will blast your ears! Founded in 2001, the band describes their music as “very brutal” and that exactly hits the nail on the head. Anyone who loves to blast some Devourment and the like for breakfast, can come to a coffee and cake session with KRAANIUM in Dinkelsbühl. Have fun!


For Fans Of...


Ten Acts of Sickening Perversity - Album (2008)
The Art of Female Sodomy - Album (2009)
Goresoaked Slamassacre - Split (2010)
Post Mortal Coital Fixation - Album (2012)
Chronicles of Perversion - Album (2015)
The Kraanialepsy Split - Split (2017)
Slamchosis - Album (2018)