Three brothers, united like fire and brimstone. Three brothers who have been playing the finest death metal together for 28 years. Three brothers who will will play SUMMER BREEZE 2019 with their band KRISIUN.

Moyses and Max Kolesne, as well as bassist/singer Alex Camargo, who chose his mother’s maiden name as his last name, have hit another home run in terms of uncompromising death metal with their new album ‘Scourge Of The Enthroned’. In a live situation, the Brazilians know how to perfectly channel their rage and energy, again and again delivering shows as tight as a duck’s ass. This will also happen in Dinkelsbühl in’19, when KRISIUN return to SUMMER BREEZE after several years of absence. And it also applies in this case: Don’t miss them!



Unmerciful order - EP (1994)
Black Force Domain - Album (1995)
Apocalyptic Revelation - Album (1998)
Conquerors Of Armageddon - Album (2000)
Ageless Venomous - Album (2001)
Works Of Carnage - Album (2003)
Bloodshed - EP (2004)
Live Armageddon - DVD (2006)
AssassiNation - Album (2006)
Southern Storm - Album (2008)
The Great Execution - Album (2011)
Forged In Fury - Album (2015)
Scourge Of The Enthroned - Album (2018)