One of the hottest Black/Death newcomer bands from Sweden comes to Dinkelsbühl for the first time in 2022: KVAEN.

In 2020 the band around mastermind Jakob Björnfot stirred up a lot of dust in the underground with their debut album ‘The Funeral Pyre’ – and they are now ready to unleash the follow-up ‘The Great Below’ in time for SUMMER BREEZE 2022. The new album not only includes guest appearances of well-known names (e.g. Jeff Loomis, Vreth from Finntroll), but also eight brute Black Death bullets, which are in no way weaker than those of the genre leaders. We were able to experience their excellent live qualities in Gothenburg, where they burned The Abyss Club to the ground! If you are searching for a new favorite band from this genre, don’t miss KVAEN when they make their debut at SUMMER BREEZE!!!!


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