Originality is a rare ingredient in today’s music scene. The next confirmation has sounded original since playing their first note: KVELERTAK!

With an accomplished mix of hardcore, black metal and rock’n’roll the Norwegians have not only conquered the charts, but even made the support slot for the almighty Metallica! If that’s not a knighting as well as a nice reward? In 2019 the guys are coming to Dinkelsbühl with a new singer, but first witness accounts tell us that he is doing a great job at it. We are curious to see it, but what can possibly go wrong in Dinkelksbühl with KVELERTAK’s fantastic material?!



Westcoast Holocaust - Album (2007)
MMIX - EP (2009)
Kvelertak - Album (2010)
Meir - Album (2013)
Nattesferd - Album (2016)

Live @ Summer Breeze